Delta Air Lines First Class Turkey Sandwich Review RenesPoints Blog

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Delta Air Lines 1st class turkey sandwich review RenesPoints blog

Does THIS look 1st class to you?

Most times I am just impressed with Delta food at 500MPH. It is always impressive they can take a meal, re-heat it in a box oven, and present what they do over and over in a quality manner. Even most cold dishes, as you have seen this week in my reviews, are quite good. This meal, however, is not one of those times.

Are you unimpressed with two slices of the cheapest multi-grain bread on the planet Delta could find? Yep, me too. Turkey right out of kids pack container – check that one off as well. Sigh.

Now the lettuce was crisp as well as the tomatoes. I did get some Heinz real Mayonnaise so there is that. And Lays Kettle chips are always nice and Delta has, at long last, gone from the “3 bite” ½ oz bag to a much more standard 1 oz bag of chips.

The side salad this time was simple fruit and the apples (both green and red – nice touch Delta) were crisp and good. Grapes were seedless and nice. Even the strawberry was decent and depending on the time of the year this can really be a challenge.

For desert we got a Dancing Deer Caramel Pecan Brownie. You can stop anytime for me when you include the word chocolate in the conversation so that was nice and worked well with the red wine provided (no idea what it was – sorry).

The sad part is this one could have gone from a “Meh” to a WoW lunch with a better bread choice and slightly higher quality Turkey choice. C’mon Delta – you are better than this one. – René




  1. Yeah this is completely embarrassing. Looks like a mass-produced cafeteria sandwich.

    IMO, DL’s F/J catering has taken a nosedive. My last few meal flights, from 900 mile FC to TATL J have been terrible. After flying KLM yesterday, I may never fly DL business again.

  2. This might literally be the worst attempt at a F/C meal I’ve ever seen. Maybe the bread supplier screwed up and catering had to run the store to buy 100 loafs of bread. Or maybe the local prison got the Delta FC meals & FC got got the prison meals. Either way…chips & wine would have been my lunch (it usually is anyways).

  3. Well stop complaining, just remember the Asians are coming to rescue , their one hour flight coach snacks are better than these, can’t wait for them to come in & take over, much like they did with WD New York.

  4. The food hasn’t been great lately. Some of it is their menu, some of it is how it’s prepared, or not.

  5. For the record it is “dessert” not “desert” (one will get you bigger in the middle as a teacher engrained in me) 🙂

  6. Had this on a ATL-PDX leg for dinner a couple weeks ago…found this post when I went googling to see if I was due compensation for the horrendous catering…

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