Big Improvements to Delta Diamond Global Upgrade Certs & Fly Delta APP iOS & Android!

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changes to fly delta app 3-11

nice upgrades delta

With a dual HT to my fellow BoardingArea blogger MJonTravel for these two very positive changes from Delta. Take quick look this weekend.

The first you see above is the update for both iOS as well as Android. One of the things most of us check more than any other thing when traveling is the upgrade list. Perhaps in the age of FCM we do this even more. The “box bar” that has now been added includes a quick button for our upgrades and it is even better. Notice when you click it, rather than just bringing up your next flight, you can choose what flight you want to check. Smart move.

aa app and back of the bus flying

AA APP still needs work

In fact, after having used the AA APP again this week, I can tell you the Delta APP is just fantastic in almost every regard other than the update pushes that are not visible in full without launching the app. A change that still needs to happen.

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class seats A330 Atlanta to Manchester England Delta Points blog (2)

The next major improvement is that, just like the improvement with KLM, Diamonds can now use Global Upgrade certs on Virgin Atlantic (under very similar conditions as KLM).

I have to tell you, hands down, for daytime flights I would take Virgin Atlantic any day over Delta ONE but NOT over a nighttime flight as the seat / tray configuration is horrid. Not horrid for use, that is quite good, but when your seat mate puts it away it is SO loud it could wake the dead. Either way, this is yet one more very positive change to Delta’s medallion program.

What do you think of these latest Delta changes? – Rene


  1. Unless you get a pre-flight upgrade the Delta upgrade lists are basically fantasy as people ahead of you on the priority lists check in. Even if you are Platinum with the Delta Reserve Amex card, there is always a Diamond ahead of you!

  2. I absolutely love the DL app! I open it multiple times a day – because I’m a weirdo, yes – but it’s so easy to use and there is a wealth of information on there! Practically anything you want done can be done through the app – and searching for flights is hands down the best experience next to google flights (better than the website I think). Can’t stand the UA app and AA feels piecemeal. HA’s is the worst though.

  3. Re: DL vs VS for night flt
    Rene, what aircraft are you referring to regarding the table? Even on the 787?

  4. If only DL would allow PMs to select two GUCs as a choice benefit. As an East Coast flyer, I’m probably going to end up burning my remaining RUCs on short-hauls to ATL.

  5. @Rizrizriz – Don’t care about the bird it is the seat design I don’t like that is when the HUGE (but nice) tray goes back away it is very loud and if you are sleeping your next door person could / will wake you (ccaaaaaahuunnnnnnkkkkkkkkk)!

  6. Thanks Rene, I guess I had not realized that the same seat design and manufacturer was on both the 330 and 787

  7. @Rizrizriz – Not 100% the same but same enough to have similar impact. If they are careful it can be quite but ya know how folks are… 🙁

  8. VS out of MIA night flights I took were both 747 and tables were silent. Might be doing it again soon with the great news (thanks Delta!).

  9. Thanks for the clarification Rene. Will check it out on the LAX-LHR-LAX trip beginning late this month

  10. It doesn’t matter what Delta says they’re doing to enhance the GUCs, the things are a scam if you dare to try to use them on routes where they really make a difference (i.e., over 8 hours in the air). As a DM with the Reserve card, I have had success only 40% of the time, with tickets booked and certificates submitted 6+ months in advance.

    Plus, DL has dropped my million mile count from my profile. What a despicable bunch of scammers Delta is turning into. I kept all my travel with DL last year and this year because of these certificates, and would much rather have been able to make a choice of airlines as an informed consumer rather than a deceived consumer.

  11. @Mike – Ouch. Well, honesty and Delta are not often mentioned in the same sentence but I still think they are seeing money flow the wrong way and that is the ONLY reason they are making positive changes.

  12. RE: Virgin Atlantic and “ccaaaaaahuunnnnnnkkkkkkkkk” with table in Upper Class

    Rene, I am happy to report that it seems the 787 has enough of a different build and setup of the UC seat manufacture that was not loud at all. Just experienced the LAX > LHR 787 and went well. While it was good, I have to say I was a bit disappointed with the over all “feel” of the flight. Perhaps I had too high expectations but the cabin crew, while not Unfriendly, was not overly attentive and rather forgetful and not what I expected. I have to say, over all, most of my Delta One experiences was better, with regard to cabin crew interaction with customers, etc. Maybe was just an “off day” or something, who knows?

    Also one other thing I would note, I not entirely sure I like the UC hard product of the VS 787, both its layout (hard to look out window for any length of time and comfortableness of the seat both in recline and sleep. IFE was great though. And the ground staff at Club House (LAX only so far) and Revivals Lounge (Arrival Lounge in LHR) was absolutely great.

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