Catching up on Delta & Travel News – Zika, Chicago Expansion, $DAL, OLD Jets, Old bills, UA fines, Delta Bereavement Fares & More!

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I totally skipped a travel news update in June but with all the goings on it was hard to keep up anyway and this month is just about as crazy. We are living in scary times and when and where to travel will become more and more of a factor. Keep in mind a great deal does not mean, as it once did, book now and ask later! Let’s take a look at some of the headlines that got my attention that you may have missed:

  • Delta DAL stock has climbed back from the low 30’s to near 40 bucks a share (disclaimer: I do not buy or sell any airline stocks). Despite what pundits say I see the stock going lower even with Delta’s efforts to park jets to keep prices HIGH. At least with less capacity we can look forward to more “fake” upgrade emails that we have been upgraded to C+? Sigh.
  • We Delta flyers know Delta is KING in the game of flying really old jets (with new seats inside) and making it profitable. There are limits and this is why Delta is dumping all the glorious 747s they inherited from the NWA merger (takeover). Westjet is learning the hard way that flying OLD jets can be costly.
  • Good news the ex-UA CEO is not going to jail but UA is going to have to pay millions in fines. I have not been on a UA flight in years and currently hold zero UA frequent flyer points and have no plans to add more anytime soon. You?
  • Ever pay a bag fee to Delta? Keep an eye on this class action lawsuit on the way. I bet the lawyers make a bundle and if you paid a fee you may get a HOOU. Enjoy? I never pay a bag fee but I am smart enough to have a Delta AMEX card of some flavor always.

So that is what I found interesting over the past few weeks in the travel news space. Did I miss any other ones you found intriguing (and not just for Delta)? I am looking forward to a number of flights in the coming weeks and have already got “fake” C+ upgrade emails from Delta that my seat is upgraded to “Premium Economy“. Really? I am simply SHOCKED Delta has the unmitigated gall to call a C+ standard coach seat PE and to email me I am upgraded when all I did was pick a C+ seat. We are truly in the Twilight Zone of air travel nowadays. Happy Monday everyone. – René


  1. i havae booked 8 flights on DL and still waiting as a diamond to the the sad no upgrade Cfake ++++++nuts

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