Houston to Hong Kong $341 & 16746MQMs at 2.1CPM long weekend Delta Elite Mileage Run

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iah to hkg dl mr

THIS is a TON of MQMs for cheap!

chage dates

Just tinker with the dates then send to Delta!

This is a lot of flying and you do have to spend a few days in Hong Kong but that is not really all bad right? I mean it’s Hong Kong (I really need to go). There are so many dates you can play with tinkering with the Google Flights link and dates above with a HT to FT for the find.

Oh and don’t forget there is a brand new AMEX Centurion Lounge to enjoy in IAH. There is no spa like in DFW or MIA but I still look forward to some quality time checking it out (yeah, I have booked one of these).

Here are the cheapest number in coach:

Cost: $341

16,746 MQMs at and astoundingly low 2.1CPM

Bookable on Delta.com via Google Flights (tinker with link below)

In coach <-LINK

I have included the Google Flights or Kayak links and for those of you new to this, 1st log in to your Delta.com SkyMiles account and THEN you click the above links and it will, after you choose flights, send them over to Delta.com. Very simple! – René


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  1. You should definitely go. It’s a fascinating city with lots of stuff to do.

    The Hyatt Regency Tsim Sha Tsui is very nice, and is located next to a major transit station. Regency Club serves a full breakfast, and the staff are great.

    SEA-HKG is an easier route for GUCs. 8(!) cleared on the outbound, and a few on the return.

  2. @William – Yep I booked one. Out of pocket NET $150 so can not say no plus get to check out IAH Centurion as well. #Winning!

  3. Rene ,I just booked IAH to HKG what a great deal ,Thanks for the valued information.

  4. I also booked JFK-SEA-HKG for Oct15-30 😀

    (@Jay!) and I’ll be flying MU from HKG to Tokyo mwahaha.

  5. Hi Rene

    Booked it. Got to love it. Booked in December and got great seats. Love my DM..status has rewards. Thanks for sharing.

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