Delta to Test New Coach and First Class snacks from ATL & MSP airports! Your take?

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Are you sick of peanuts, pretzels and Biscoff cookies each time you fly Delta? OK, I agree, no one can ever and I mean EVER, get sick of Biscoff cookies (and Woodford Reserve now that I think about it). But Delta is thinking that just maybe the same old, red and blue, pretzels and peanuts are getting a little old.

yogurt snacks and biscoffs delta

We all love Biscoff right? – Well, I do!

A company representative has told me that starting, as of today, a new test program is in place for both Atlanta and Minneapolis departures. They shared the following:

“Delta will begin testing new snacks in the Main Cabin on board beginning July 21. The test will include Emerald Cashews, Snyder’s Pretzels, NatureBox Yogurt Bars and our signature Biscoff Cookies on select flights out of ATL and MSP during the one-month test period from July 21 through Aug. 21.

Delta is continuously looking at ways to enhance and elevate the on-board experience for customers. During the test period customer satisfaction scores and flight attendant feedback will be closely monitored to determine the impact on the in-flight experience. Additional details will be shared once the results of the snack testing have been reviewed and a go-forward plan has been finalized.”

Interesting and I bet we will see a bunch of questions, not just from the outstanding flight attendants, but also with the many online surveys we receive in our inbox after each flight (I hope we all know that we can, as flyers, reward those hard working Delta folks when we give them “5’s”).

That is coach travel. What about first class? There is more good news and this is especially good news when it comes to those under 900 mile flights where Delta provides no meal as well as the 2-4 PM “dead zone” when no meals are provided (unless the flight is REALLY long that is). The Delta representative further informed me that in First class, that is domestic business class,:

“The snack basket content rotates every three months and we are continually looking for new and improved snack variety to enhance the customer experience. The three new “test snacks” will also be incorporated in the FC [First Class] and C+ [Comfort+] basket during the test period.”

So these goodies from Emerald, Snyders and NatureBox (as well as Biscoff) will not just be limited to many of us who missed an elite upgrade (or shamelessly paid for one). No, those few of us who do score an upgrade will also get to enjoy some of these goodies. Great news and #KeepClimbing worthy!

I am pleased Delta is tinkering with what is offered on-board in all classes of service. Considering all the domestic airlines are soon to be clones of a similar product and experience (as well as frequent flyer program) it truly will soon boil down to the little things. This could be a step in the right direction if it makes it past the test stage that is, so be sure to give feedback during the next 30 days as to what you think! – René

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  1. Well, I am flying out of MSP 3 times next week and have been upgraded to first class on two flights already. I will report back. I’ve seen the basket they offer on first class changes all the time. Two days ago on a flight from IND-MSP there were no healthy options at least when it got to my seat on row 4. There was a combo of pita chips and humus but I was not ready to eat that early in the morning.

  2. Every time they get something really good in the ‘premium’ snack basket it goes away and never returns. Just don’t ever take my Biscoffs away!!!! Nothing worse than the CRJ200 flights when they tell you the snack is pretzels.

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