Where to go & how to sign up for CLEAR at Dallas DFW Airport (FREE for Delta Diamonds).

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where to sign up for CLEAR ME airport security Dallas DFW Airport E terminal RenesPoints travel blog Delta Diamond Medallion (1)

Look for E35 at DFW

Since Delta is now all set up to allow Diamond Medallions for free and other elites for a discounted price to get CLEAR biometic security clearance I went ahead and signed up.

But you also have to go, in person, to one of the locations that can help you finish the process. This past week I was in Dallas DFW airport and they are one of the airports that has CLEAR lanes and the chance to finish the sign-up process (or sign-up from scratch if you want to).

Conveniently it is at Terminal E that also services Delta flights where you need to go to get the final steps done (specifically Entry E35 upstairs if you are taking a LYFT or UBER ride and being dropped off).

where to sign up for CLEAR ME airport security Dallas DFW Airport E terminal RenesPoints travel blog Delta Diamond Medallion (2)

Quick access to CLEAR lanes

Once you enter simply turn left and pass the CLEAR security lanes and look for the kiosks on the outside wall. (Tip – you may want to ask for help from one of the CLEAR folks at the entrance to the CLEAR lanes as they are happy to help you get this done very quickly).

where to sign up for CLEAR ME airport security Dallas DFW Airport E terminal RenesPoints travel blog Delta Diamond Medallion (3)

Use these machines to sign up!

The process really is quite painless and fast. I presented my drivers license then went through a few on screen questions to confirm I was who I said I was and then had my fingers scanned, fingers first then both thumbs next, and lastly a photo of me was taken and my eyes were scanned. It was not invasive as you stand back from the machine until is can read your eyes.

where to sign up for CLEAR ME airport security Dallas DFW Airport E terminal RenesPoints travel blog Delta Diamond Medallion (4)

Quick and EZ (with help)!

The process only took about 10 minutes and I was instantly available to use the CLEAR lane should I have wanted to use it to enter the airport.

email from CLEAR membership completion renespoints blog travel security

Sweet – Now open MORE! 😉

Shortly thereafter I also received confirmation via e-mail that my registration had been completed. But I choose NOT to try it out at DFW. Why?

flyertalk user in dfw does not use clear since no precheck

I see this FTers point. Need TSA PreCheck too!

CLEAR is not TSA PreCheck. That is, you can often race past the long lines of everyone else waiting to be screened but you still have to remove you laptop liquids etc. when using CLEAR if there is not also at the same check point a TSA PreCheck line. This can make this MUCH less valuable than it seems as a tool to more quickly enter the airport as you can see from one FlyerTalk member who happened to feel the same as me. Just a quicker line is not as great as TSA PreCheck so you still need that to have the best experience possible.

I do look forward to, with Delta pushing and leading the way, for CLEAR to expand. But unless it is a CLEAR and PreCheck combo line I doubt I will ever use this service on a regular basis and I sure would not pay for this service unless it is at an airport you regularly fly from.

Have you signed up for CLEAR yet? Are you finding it useful? – Rene


  1. Good stuff. When I was flying out of DCA this week, I saw CLEAR had kiosks set up for the Delta concourse….and they were situated next to TSA PreCheck.

  2. Talked with Clear at SEA and they open next week. They open at 5:00 am which will make it tight for the SEA-SLC 5:40 flight. Great to hear they are finally at DCA my home airport

  3. Rene, I was under the assumption that CLEAR speeds up id check then you proceed to your normal TSA line.

  4. I registered for Clear on line a couple of weeks ago then went to Orlando Intl to provide my ID and Biometrics. Used it for the first time today to avoid the long TSA PreCheck line. No ID needed. After a quick finger scan I was escourted five steps to the TSA PreCheck screening area. It was lightning fast. I love it!

  5. Looks like their FAQ says all the locations are integrated with Pre-Check:

    “We are currently integrated with PreCheck in all of our CLEARlocations! CLEAR members who are eligible for PreCheck now get the best of both worlds. You can use the CLEARlane as usual to avoid the long security lines. We’ll scan your boarding pass and bring you to the PreCheck screening lane (if eligible for that flight) where you can keep your shoes and belt on, etc.”

    It will be nice when it expands to more airports.

  6. I have used CLEAR at BWI and SFO. Both times I was escorted to the front of the precheck line.

  7. Used at DEN and after Clear they escorted me to PreCheck security in front everyone and from behind the ID checker person from tea then scan BP and off I was the longest wait was for the time the belt move for the whole process at DEN.
    Works sweet there

  8. I used Clear in Las Vegas last week. I was through security in less than two minutes, start to finish. It was my first experience with Clear since my initial signup and it couldn’t have gone more smoothly.

    PreCheck only had 15-20 people in line, but I was escorted past them, right to the belt.

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