“Free” SPG points, Sweet AMEXtravel 16% off offer, CLEAR in DTW & Starbucks closing ATL!

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clear news

There has a been so much “stuff” going on in the past 24 hours that it really is much simpler to put it all into one catch all post.

The first news is that CLEAR, as we know, is expanding and with the latest CLEAR news DTW is on the short list with Delta HUB SEA already up and running now. As long as there is PreCheck with the CLEAR lanes you are in great shape. I am somewhat surprised, given Delta has now purchased 5% of CLEAR that ATL was not on the “short list” if you will to get CLEAR lanes already.

amex travel offer

Saving on hotels is nice!

Next up there is a sweet offer from AMEXtravel via your “AMEX Offers to You” when you log into AMEX. Keep in mind if you happen to have this targeted for more than one card (like me) and you want to use it on a number of cards you are able to select – once you do so the others will NOT have the offer shown. The simple fix is use a number of browsers like IE, Chrome etc. etc. and log in on each browser to AMEX. Then open but don’t click the offer until it is up in each browser. Then click each one and you should have it on all cards. This offer does not seem to be a twitter SYNC offer.

Some are wondering if this sweet 16% off offer has any catches like booking tickets with Delta for example and earning full points. I have had readers say, in the past i.e. years ago, that some AMEXtravel fares resulted in earning as a consolidator fare. Again, this was a while ago so just  know it could happen, but to me it is unlikely currently.

2500 spg 1

2500 spg 2

2500 spg 3

Quick 2500 SPG points – Yes please!

Next we have an offer just about everyone has blogged about but I want to make sure you caught it as it is all but free SPG points by just adding a user via THIS link. It seems to only work with personal cards and no “hard” credit pull (just a soft one).

air france week long strike

Oh Skyteam partner Air France crews are going on a week long strike starting tomorrow. It is summer and time for action (just like 5 week vacations in Europe). So, if you happen to have any Delta flights that include AF segments you should be about to change all you want free and maybe even get some bonus MQMs for whatever trip you have planned.

Lastly, one of the Starbucks locations is closing in ATL for expanded security lanes (CLEAR maybe)? I could care less as I have not spent one dime on Starbucks since the crushing loyalty program changes in April and never will again until they undo what they have done.

Any other Delta / AMEX / Travel bits I missed in the past 24 hours we should know about? Please share in the comments below! – René

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  1. Maybe Clear it taking over the Starbucks space and ATL :). Also I assume the SPG additional card user will have this show as a new card and hurt them with the Chase 5/24 rules?

  2. @DaninMCI – Just about ANY activity, even opening a checking account I have been told by some readers, will impact 5/24 rule. Yes, I was one of the first to blog and warn that AU users impacts 5/24.

  3. Hey Rene — since you mentioned Delta with the Amex Travel offer, I just wanted to confirm — this particular offer is only for a prepaid hotel booking, right? I’ve not used the AmexTravel offers in the past. I do have an airfare purchase to make and got excited when I first saw the AmexTravel offer in my account, but that excitement was quickly tempered by the wording of the offer. That said, I know that rules don’t always get applied exactly how they are written — have the prepaid hotel offers been known to work for airfare?

  4. @Nico – Not trying to imply there is a “work-a-round” for this one but seemed like a good time to bring it up as readers are asking.

  5. @DaninMCI But SPG is AmEx, so cardholders shouldn’t have to worry about Chase 5/24, right?

  6. I’m with you on the Starbucks changes. Terrible. At this point, I’m just using the accumulated balance on my gift card and then I’m done (at least until my free birthday drink arrives)!

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