Minneapolis to Baltimore 1st class $481 & 8566MQMs at 5.6CPM 1-DAY weekday Delta Elite Mileage Run

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only one day msp to bwi 1st

Only 1 date this cheap in 1st class

msp slc bwi rt 1st delta mr

Sweet MQMs and 1st class day run!

c+ run on 31st from msp

Booking into C+ for the day run

I had a request the other day for an MSP run. This one is really nice but I can only find it one single day this month (the 23rd). At sub 6CPM in 1st class this is a real winner as for a hub run I would even consider sub 5CPM in coach not a bad deal. Plus, you can do this all in one really long day. You will get two Delta breakfasts and one Dinner (the final flight departs too late for full meal service but you may get a snack-ish meal as it is before 9PM).

I have included a coach link for other dates and a C+ link but the coach one is EVIL E class so I would avoid that one and the CPM cost is MEH anyway. If you are happy with C+, with a shot at a 1st class UG, then maybe consider that (I would just book 1st class at this price)

Here are the 1st class one day run numbers:

Cost: $481

8,566 MQMs at 5.6CPM

Bookable on Delta.com via Kayak.com

In First class <-LINK

In Comfort Plus <-LINK

In EVIL E class no-UG coach <-LINK

I have included the Google Flights or Kayak links and for those of you new to this, 1st log in to your Delta.com SkyMiles account and THEN you click the above links and it will, after you choose flights, send them over to Delta.com. Very simple! – René



  1. MSP is probably the worst place to find good deals. It amazes me how many crazy cheap flights there are from East and West Coast to Europe or Asia but good luck trying those if you are MSP based.

  2. This is to thank Rene for finding this great fare. In the end, I called Delta–although the DM line also found it no longer available–at my request–they contact online support–and did find the fare at P class (first class). It was just $30 more than what you originally found–but that seemed still worth doing at $510 first class. This information may be helpful to other readers of your great blog/newsletter.

  3. @santastico–I agree with you completely! It makes no sense. And almost always, the special fares that Delta runs itself–whether Delta One or regular coach–emphasize other cities, and rarely MSP as hub.

  4. We desperately need competition at MSP. I would love that JetBlue would offer flights here. I know there are couple Alaska flights so maybe with their purchase of Virgin that will improve. I am tired of paying ridiculous amounts of money to fly Delta from here while you can pay way less from other locations.

  5. @Rene – The $475 fare still shows up in Matrix and Kayak as of 12:08CST but it must be sold out; even though it lets me select seats, I can’t purchase. I called the DM line and the rep was completely useless in helping me book it – I should have pushed for having her call online support but frankly I was exasperated after 20 minutes. Perhaps readers have booked and cancelled and the cancellations are pending? Who knows.

  6. @Rene – HUCA-ed and got GREAT rep, super efficient. FC was full on first leg and not properly reflecting on kayak or matrix. I booked with first leg coach and the rest business just to grab the fare and it was like $503. Stil 8566 MQMs though not *quite* as great a CPM. I’ll decide within 24h but I’m inclined to take the day off and fly!

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