Orlando to Dominican Republic business class $146 & 9609 at 1.5CPM AeroMexico / Delta Elite Mileage Run

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Business Credit Cards

EDIT: Deal now seems to be DEAD! Congrats to all who booked!

If you are taking this read THIS post before you fly!

mco to sdq matric

Best choices are out WED or THUR it seems

sample of price for run areoMexico skyteam


areomexico earning on delta

Earn on Delta flying AreoMexico

I hate this one I think or I may love it (with a HT to faredealalert for the find) . No, either way I think I hate this one as there is SO MUCH that can go wrong. Like what you ask?

  • The base fare seems to be just about zero
  • You have to get to MCO and may not earn points
  • You have to book at PriceLine.com not direct on Delta.com or AeroMexico site   UPDATE SEE BELOW
  • You have to fly domestic AeroMexico business class
  • There may be a $10 fee to enter the Dominican Republic (or not)
  • They may cancel the ticket so wait to book positioning flights etc!

And I could go on and on. But I wanted to at least let you know about the deal as the earning can be very nice. IF, again this is a HUGE IF so be warned, all goes as planned you can earn as a business class traveler using your SkyMiles number on the reservation (you can insert during the booking on AeroMexico site) and should earn based on “C” business class fare and the AeroMexico partner chart you see above. That is distance 6406 x 1.5 = 9609 MQMs as well as 9609 SkyMiles if all goes as planned!

Anyway, here is a sample of the  POSSIBLE  earnings:

Cost: $146.36

9,609 MQMs at 1.5CPM

See Matrix search tools below to find your dates

Bookable on PRICELINE.com

UPDATE: Readers are reporting direct booking on AeroMexico site is working as LOWER PRICE! I am testing!

 Again, I like posting deals you can trust will give you no issues and will just work. This one has GREAT RISK of going wrong as far as earning points and that is the point of doing this as a mileage run not a vacation or a longer visit. Know all this if you go for this one. Lastly, I would wait for a day or two before you book other things like hotels or other flights as the fare is so cheap they may cancel on us / you.  – René





  1. I was able to add my delta number and see if on the aeromexico website for the same price.

  2. I was able to add my delta number and see it on the aeromexico website for the same price.

  3. I just booked this deal directly on Aeromexico’s site. So pending any cancellation (already received my ticket) I should be good with my Delta points, correct?

  4. I just booked on Aeromexico and got this message:
    Booking not ticketed

    Please note that your booking has been created but not yet ticketed. We recommend you contact our call center at 1 (800) 237 6639 to complete your purchase.

  5. @Ken – You may not (I don’t). You may be able to get a DL code number but maybe not since all the flights are AM or AeroMexico

  6. @Jeremyh – It may be an issue with your credit card. You can cancel the pending one since it never billed and try again with another card or call to finish booking with current card.

  7. Just booked one myself! Not so sure how I feel about being 4 hours on a ERJ-190, but it’s too good of a deal to pass up. I wonder how many other business class passengers will be followers of this site? 🙂

    The other great thing is the fare allows free cancellations and refunds, so I would book now and ask questions later. If nothing else, you can just cancel and get your money back.

    Good thing I’ll be in the US for this deal!

  8. Hey Rene, so thinking big, could you book and credit 13 trips on Delta and earn 23400 MQM’s and each flight earns $1800 MQD’s so that would put you over the 15K threshold, is this correct?

  9. @Rusty – “HUGE” earning potential if it plays out right. If not, well…
    But I think your math is off on MQD earnings. Check charts on partner earnings on Delta.com (link in post and screen shot)

  10. @Rene – I booked on PL right away at $146 but after talking with +1 decided I’ll probably skip given the fare risks/days off/etc. I now see my released ticket available for booking on airmexico. Some lucky soul can have it!

  11. To follow up on my own comment above, if I booked these for early 2017 do you think there is a chance that DL would change way the AeroMexico points are calculated before then? Also, having been a AA/One World guy and new to DL/SkyTeam whats the future of the Global upgrade certs, are they going to eventually become booking from economy to premium economy like AA is going to do?

    Looks like these fare class is fully refundable any time too.

  12. @rene – thank you, that was the issue, I had to call Chase to clear a fraud alert and then they were able to put the charge through!!!

  13. @Rene MQD partners is % of distance flown so biz class is 30% .3x6000miles = $1800 MQD’s is this not rights?

    I could be way wrong here

  14. @Rusty – MQD is price so 30% of fare and fare is, well, not much 😉
    Now MQMs elite points are 100% + 50% fare class bonus plus same for SkyMiles – or at least that is the plan and the hope!

  15. Ok thanks I was reading this in the subnotes.

    (3) Medallion Qualification Dollars (MQDs) apply to Medallion qualification. Flights marketed and ticketed by the partner will earn MQDs based on a percentage of distance flown* as determined by the fare class paid.

  16. At least we won’t be battling each other to be the last person standing on “team board last” at the gate! Should be a fun trip if it pans out…

  17. @Wes – Yep. I am running it next week so will be sure to blog results and such. If goes bust others can cancel as seems fully refundable.

  18. I am doing it next week as well; the one on your screenshot…maybe I’ll see you there.

  19. @rene Thanks for taking one for the team! 🙂 I’m waiting to see how it turns out for you (and us)!

  20. anyone else get: Booking not ticketed
    Please note that your booking has been created but not yet ticketed. We recommend you contact our call center at 1 (800) 237 6639 to complete your purchase.

  21. @Ken – I am. Should be same jet. Airport looks small. Should be fine. Not sure if we have to enter the Dominican or not.

  22. I called and I am ticketed now and I am looking and almost all the tickets are goneeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  23. I got two tickets… I am happy with that… I am at Plat… just want to get to Diamond again

  24. @rene How long will you be in dominican, I live here. If you need any advice, at your service! The least I can do for how much you help with the webpage.


  25. Thanks Rene! I’m booked for the quick turnaround flight. I’ve been to SDQ before and there isn’t much to hang around for.

    Question: How can we find out if it’s possible to avoid passing through Passport control/customs/ $10 visa? Do they have a “Transfer” option in SDQ?

  26. 3/4 way thru thisbrun, currently sitting in Mexico City waiting to go to Orlando and during the turn around we were stuck by security asking us over and over why we flew there and returning back to Mexico when we just landed.. Three of us.. 25 minutes later they let us leave the connection screening point after we spoke to 10 different people and explained over and over..

  27. @Ken – We were never asked. If asked, I just say for the frequent flyer miles. They shake heads and I go 🙂

  28. lol… yes we all told this this several time but we made it thru… The jet.com commercial where people heads explode and the purple mushroom cloud comes out.. that was the scene..

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