A quick update on my KLM Skyteam EU261 claim / fight against KLM. This does & can take forever!

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This issue is soon two years old!

I thought I would real quick share some updates about my case against KLM from my flight now almost two years ago.

To bring you up to speed I had a KLM regional jet that had a broken windshield that resulted in a delay of 3 hours departing and over 5 hours late arriving at last in LAX. KLM is saying it was less than 3 but clearly the arrival delay comes into play. Also, even though it was Delta ticketed, they said go pound sand talk to KLM. KLM said buzz off and so I enlisted AIRHELP.com to fight for me. You can read more history HERE and HERE and HERE!

Right now the court paper battle is going back and forth with KLM saying they don’t owe anything, and even if they did, it would ONLY be for the delayed flight from Gothenburg to Amsterdam not the entire trip. Both my reading of the EU261 rules say otherwise as does AirHelp and they have won cases with connecting flights in the recent past.

KLM does not seem to want to budge or settle my claim in any way so it looks like more court filings over the next week or so and then more waiting. Amazing. I am just so glad to have help in this. It is just shocking to me that this case has been ongoing now almost for two years waiting for some kind of resolution for this delayed trip.

Anyway, I think we are nearing an end one way or the other and hope the court will decide in my favor. Can KLM appeal at that point if I/we win? No idea. I will be sure to report how it all ends up one day.

Have you ever had a successful EU261 claim? – René




  1. I used AirHelp early this year is was on a British airlines flight from SFO to LHR and flight was delayed more the 24 hrs due to mechanical failure , I filed a claim with AirHelp and received monies in less then 4 months

  2. I have a court case with airhelp as well. Its been 7 months since they started the court case without any updates. Where did u get the fileings?

  3. I’m glad that you are fighting this. Do not give up. Think about it this way you are costing them way more than the 260 euro compensation in the amount of time they are taking to fight this. So, at the end of the day they will end up losing (even if they win).

  4. Don’t ever give up René and be very grateful for the help you’ve got so far.
    As an example: I won on my own in Irish court against Ryanair !!!

  5. Shoot. Last year I was in AMS during a power outage. Remember leaving lounge going far but continuous delays. Probably 3 hours… Did not know about this EU621

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