Expansion & Updates to Mobile Passport from CBP & Fly Delta APP 3.11.1 updates!

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latest updates to the mobile passport app renespoints blog

Sweet updated to Mobile Passport!

I have never ever used this amazing tool that is FREE from the CBP that is Mobile Passport. But my good friend John, a.k.a. @Laptoptravel has, as well as a number of readers who say it is just amazing. What is not to love from an app that, at no cost to you, can save you a ton of time entering the USA if you have not wanted to pay up for Global Entry.

new airports soon to have mobile passport use

More, more, more – YES!

The problem with this service has been the limited the number of airports where you could use it. That is expanding, both now and in the future, as you can see as they have just added:

  • MSP
  • RDU
  • SJC
  • TPA

plus on the way soon:

  • BOS
  • BWI
  • IAH
  • HOU

Between Mobile Passport and CLEAR security expanding our choices are improving beyond what has been in place for a number of years or, at a minimum, giving additional choices to consider when entering the country as well as an airport. Good times for those who know!

latest updates to the fly delta app renespoints blog

The BEST airline APP?

Delta, last month, made some big changes to the Fly Delta APP. I truly think the Delta APP is one of the, if not THE, best airline APPs. It has had a few bugs since last month’s updates and I know a number of readers have been really upset over lockups or getting kicked out of the APP as well as upgrade list issues. As hard as upgrades are to score nowadays, I get how important it is to see this list clearly in the APP. Well done Delta.

Now what I really want to see fixed is something that is part of the APP but yet outside the APP. Delta will alert you to gate changes (sometimes) as well as flight delays and such as a “PUSH” to your phone. But you only get a tiny part of that notice and have to fully open the APP to see the details. The AA APP just tells you all you need to know with no need to go any further. C’mon Delta, if AA can do this, you can too. Fix this maddening issue!

Have you ever used the Mobile Passport APP or will you now that it is expanding to your home airport? What about the Fly Delta APP – anything you want to see changed? – René




  1. Tried the CBP app at JFK in May, but it didn’t work. Got the message: service unavailable at this time. There was no line, so no big deal.

  2. I Got the Mobile Passport app while waiting for my Global Entry interview. Mobile Passport is in fact quicker (so far) than Global Entry because there is no need to go to a kiosk with MP and there have only been a couple of people, if any, in the dedicated lane where you present your phone to a customs officer.

    Global Entry may be faster after collecting baggage and exiting the Customs and Immigration area because MP users are in the same line as everyone else while GE users have a dedicated line that can be much shorter than the general line.

  3. We booked a business class trip — two flights are over 900 miles and during meal times. Delta.dumb says “Lunch” for one and “Dinner” for the other. The app, however, lists “None” for meal service on *both* flights. (Perhaps Delta didn’t spend quite enough, um, bread synching the app with the website)

  4. Used MP on way back from SA and it was very slick. We beat the customs agent to the desk was the only delay. I only carry-on regardless of where or duration of the trip (except domestic golf outings 😉 so never wait for luggage at home or abroad.

  5. Using the Mobile Passport app has been smooth entering at FLL, however, got the same error message mentioned above when entering at MIA last week, as well as at SFO on 2 separate occasions…..which is frustrating. Hopefully the bug fixes will correct this…….

  6. Have the MP app and GE. The MP works great bursting have to wait and actually speak to the agent.

    GE takes less than 70 seconds (timed it last time) and I walk thru everything hand my slip of paper as I walk by. Dedicated lines and pre check.

    GE definitely worth it for a lot of int’l travel but if occasionally traveling int’l it would be foolish not to use this app. Its great. (I can’t believe the gov’t is involved and I said that – watch the sky for dying pigs).

  7. I just used the Mobile Passport App for the first time a few weeks ago at JFK. I don’t have Global Entry and was on a tight layover, so this basically turned out to be a godsend.

    At JFK, the GE and Mobile Passport users go to the same line. However, GE folks need to then go to a kiosk section to fill out their data while Mobile Passport uses can step right up to the booth with the Customs agent. You scan your QR code from your phone at the booth. We were in and out in about 3 minutes! It was so great, I’m actually making sure I don’t tell too many people about it so the lines stay small!

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