Delta First Class Chicken Burrito Dinner Review – A tasty choice!

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Delta Air Lines 1st class Chicken Burrito meal RenesPoints blog review

Delta brags about it’s food and they should. After all, if you look at most of the meal reviews I have posted this year, I liked them and would order them again. But not just me, Business Insider had a nice piece recently on Delta steaks. I agree, they are most times very good and the same thing goes for this choice, the Delta burrito. Take a look what we have

  • Two chicken burritos with Spanish rice
  • Topped off with two types of cheese plus chives, olives and tomatoes
  • Salsa and sour cream included
  • A small side salad
  • Apple pie for desert including two kinds of cheese & grapes

When you think about it this main course is just about the perfect make in advance and re-heat meal for Delta and I liked it. It is fun to take a plain old chicken you have seen 100x on just about any airline flight and make it something special.

Even the rice, tomatoes, olives and chives are nice little touches that did not have to be there but including them added just that one more bit to take it up a notch and add richness at altitude when our taste buds are not working as well as on the ground.

When it comes to the only thing that I could think of to make it perfect would be a tiny packet of sriracha hot sauce to add some heat. Again, not a must but would have been fun.

The Delta side salads are just about always crisp and nice. It truly is impressive and of the many times I have enjoyed them this year can only maybe think of one time they were not presented in a fresh manner.

When it comes to dessert I am always impressed what they can pull off. The apple pie is just nice Now sure, it would be even more nice with ice cream or some kind of a vanilla sauce or maybe some whipped cream but for in the air it was just fine.

Same goes for including the savory two kinds of cheese with grapes. Want sweet or savory after your meal – Delta gives you both if you want. Either works well with a glass of red wine or a Woodford Reserve to finish your meal.

Again, this meal was not on a transcon or international flight – just a normal domestic flight where dinner was offered. Impressive and just one more bullet point of how good a meal can taste and be well presented at 500 MPH! – René


  1. The best and only meal I try when flying Delta: a banana!!! How can you go wrong with that? It is healthy, fresh and natural. 🙂 Seriously, how can you handle all the grease and processed stuff that they serve on the plane? After you tried all the above you should definitely get a check-up with your primary care doctor.

  2. @Santastico – Delta does just about always have bananas on-board for 1st class & C+ seats (other than really short flights) so you will be all set. Your skipping the meal choice let’s me get first choice 🙂 (since FEBO is not always followed)!

  3. @Rob – You bet. All 1st class meals I enjoy, or not, will be covered this year. BTW thanks for being a loyal reader from Canada and hope you fly Delta from up north! 😉

  4. I look forward to your reviews Rene always helpful! and I just might be sharing more about my @Delta flight experiences

  5. @Nina – Thanks. Your comments are always as happy as you are as a person. Look forward to seeing you soon again!

  6. So many Delta choices I can’t eat since I’m allergic to peppers, paprika, etc. Sadly I can’t always find out what is in the meals. You are right, most Delta food is very good. I’m hungry, time to book another ticket.

  7. I look forward to when we can choose our FC meal in advance. I too like the FC meals, and enjoy your reviews of them. One thing I cannot figure out is why sometimes you get the cookie for dessert (which is OK) and sometimes you get a real dessert. I particularly like a chocolate cake they serve on the ATL SLC route often. But sometimes it’s only a cookie, and for the life of, I can’t figure out the reasoning.

  8. That quite possibly might be the most unhealthy Delta meal I have seen on this blog. Between the cheese, slice of pie, and burrito–to say nothing of the dressing–there must be 1,000 calories.

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