Nastech i9bt Noisehush Bluetooth Active Noise Canceling Headphone Review.

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Nastech i9bt noisehush bluetooth active noise canceling headphone review renespoints blog (2)

It was time. My old faithful iGo headphones are done. I had used them for years and years and they had taken a ton of punishment and even survived my forgetting them once on a jet but, thanks to amazing Delta people in MSP, they found their way to my gate before my next flight departed. But, they are no more now and time to move on to something better.

Clearly what most folks automatically think about are Bose Quiet Comfort series. But I wanted to step beyond the cord to try Bluetooth headphones (I am an “over the ear” guy fyi). So does this mean I went to for the brand new Q35’s? They seem amazing but I have to tell you, considering the way I abuse my headphones, that is a little out of my personal price range. So I decided to try another well reviewed set.

The Nastech i9bt were the set I went for. They had, on paper, all the boxes checked I wanted, that is, Bluetooth plus good battery life plus a cord when you can’t use Bluetooth (say watching on a Delta jet) as well as ability to be used with my phone for phone calls and more and at a price I could live with.

So what are my impressions now that I have used them on a number of flights. They are a HUGE upgrade from my iGo set. Not just in terms of quality of noise cancellation but the quality of the sound is night and day better. And then there is this:


Yes, I had to yell. I am just stunned how nice it is to watch either Amazon Prime moves or Delta Studio on my “stuff” with no wires. Truly life altering changes here.

I like the fact that it came with it’s own case and a tiny velcro bag to hold the single to dual adapter (think Delta One international plug) as well as the cord for non Bluetooth use. Also that it charges via standard USB mini plug that all my other Android stuff uses as well.

So far battery life has been great but with a brand new unit I would expect this so it’s hard to say long term how they will do.  Also I have had no issues syncing to my PC, my phone or my tablet. All were quick and reconnect with no issues.

So are they perfect? I would not say that. While very comfortable they are large. That is not to say that they are heavy since they are light on my head. They just “feel” bigger than my old set but then again my old set ran on just a AAA battery and these have the battery integrated. I guess my complaints may be more “me” centered and in comparison to my old set.

Overall I am thrilled with my upgrade and, for the price, the i9bt’s are just perfect for me! – René


  1. Thanks for the review, I am in the market to replace my noise-cancelling headphones but had not considered Bluetooth. Makes sense of course but I was concerned about the quality, reading your thoughts and some of the reviews on Amazon I am definitely getting myself a set…..

  2. On your review, I purchased these ib9t headphones and am very impressed by them. As a classical music person, the regular–non-noise cancelling–part is a bit tiny and lacking in treble, but this is more than made up for when noise-cancelling is used. I look forward to see how well it functions in flight

  3. @Alan – Agree. With noise cancelling off they are lacking. Then again, I always use them with it on so… 🙂

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