Expect delays as Delta Air Lines slowly gets total computers system outage back up today!

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What a nightmare flying today will be with Delta and I am sure this will take days to recover. So, Delta has issued a free travel change waiver for all flights worldwide for today.

You can read more about it HERE for the background info and how passengers are being affected.  Keep in mind this could be, for those who have flexible schedules, a chance to bump off of really full flights for the next few days.

If you have to fly today, I feel for you. Be patient and I hope for the best! – René



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  1. Once again proving they are the official airline of Hades…
    They can’t do “IRROPS” with even a single station affected.
    Can’t imagine what a treat they are when everything fails.

  2. Power Outage???? Cheap Delta does not have power generators in their computer facilities?

  3. @Santastico – Maybe they will be placing a large order today for some. 😉
    Also it will be “fun” to see how SNAPP does under just this kind of mess!

  4. I didn’t argue the point with the DM desk (will do in a bit), but they said it’s a waiver of the change fee only (i.e. fare difference still applies) until the flight officially shows ‘delayed’ :-S My incoming flight, delayed 1.5hrs at least, was showing arrival after my flight’s scheduled departure time, but since the status hasn’t updated for my flight, have to wait for them to figure it out…

  5. According to my flight attendant, the pilot told her the system was hacked. Many others on Twitter reported that pilots made announcements saying that it was a hack.

    Georgia Power says there was no power outage on its end. Maybe Delta is trying to, A. Put the blame elsewhere to mitigate the PR fallout. B. Limit the amount of compensation it must pay out to customers flying out of the EU.

    It appears Delta’s on the hook for $3200 for my family of four traveling out of the EU to the US under EU rules.

  6. @Kevin: Delta is an expert in hiding the true from customers. It starts with their award chart. 🙂 This is so huge that the US authorities have to get into and find out what happened. I am pretty sure they will blame someone from Qatar, Etihad or Emirates saying they hacked their systems. What a complete BS!!!!!

  7. The latest via Twitter:
    Confirmed: @GeorgiaPower spox says “Switch Gear” belonging to @Delta failed causing this AM’s power outage @wsbtv

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