My first Delta Air Lines Flight After Computer Meltdown – Almost Perfect & Landed Early!

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amazing sun before flying Delta from AZO RenesPoints blog

Could you ask for a better day to fly Delta?

What a perfect morning to fly Delta. Unlike so many over the past few days I received no alerts that any of my flights were canceled. In fact, days before I cleared all my “real” upgrades (C+ “upgrade” don’t count in my book).

Alerts from flights I follow in Fly Delta APP RenesPoints blog

I love the Fly Delta APP!

The first thing I did at check in on the Fly Delta APP was start to track all the flights I could. I say that because inside the APP you can only track mainline or Delta flights not any of their regional partner flights as they are different airlines that are just painted to look like real Delta jets. Anyway I started, as I have shown you before, to track the incoming flight from Orlando MCO that would become my flight back down to MCO. Important because if that flight did not take off on time it is very likely my flight will not be on time either and I would have an advanced warning to start making other plans.

standby list from dtw to mco on 10aug16 delta air lines

Everyone gets to fly today!

I need not have worried. My heart, in my somewhat sleepy state, did skip a beat when I got the boarding alert as I at first thought it was for my fight not the one departing from MCO (stupid brain).

Fly Delta APP screen shot of my jet flying up from MCO

Oh a 757 with NEW seats

All good once I understood the alert. I also, for grins and Bumpertunites checked the flight to see how full it was. With 35 standbys and 36 seats open I expected it to go out even and it did with a pilot in the jump seat as well.

Delta Special Services Porche ride from gate to gate RenesPoints blgo

Please be for me, Please! 😉

The only downside of living in the Midwest is we are mostly populated with what some flyers call “Satan’s Chariot”, that is, the cursed CRJ200s. They, unlike Delta mainline, use the B/C gates. The ONLY perk of this is the Sky Club reps in the B/C club are just stupidly, amazingly good. Well there is maybe one more perk as there was greeting us, not one but two, Delta special service Porches. Could one of them be for me?

RenesPoints about to take Porche ride DTW Delta Special Services

We almost got in the wrong car 😉

I walked off the jet to see my name on the tablet. Gosh, I love seeing that. This is my 3rd or 4th gate to gate ride with Delta. Most of the other ones have been when I had a really tight connection and had it not been for the ride I would have missed my flight. If you are wondering who gets these it is somewhat random and extended to Platinum and Diamond Medallions (and a bunch to Delta 360s I am told).

great view from Delta Porche ride gate to gate RenesPoints blog

OK let’s RACE Delta bird!

It really is a fun ride as few of us get to see the operational side of the airport who don’t work for the airline. Oh, and it does get you from gate to gate much faster too.

birds inside detroit delta dtw airport renespoints blog and poo on seats

Ewww POO – On my SEAT!

To sum up my flying Day 3 after the Delta CPU meltdown all was either perfect or beyond perfect. All worked as it normally does any day you fly Delta, that is, on time flights with great service by everyone wearing Delta colors. The only minor complaint I had was airport related. Notice the photo above. See a problem?

You see Detroit DTW airport has a bird problem. Not the Delta bird problem but a sparrow problem. Now I love sparrows and feed them at home. But inside the airport is not where they belong and they have poo’ed all over the seats in most of the concourse as you can see. It is disgusting. Time to pay a catcher to get them out of the airport.

Let me close with one more bit from this unique week with Delta. The new Delta CEO, Ed Bastian has just impressed me to no end. Not only did he apologize day one on video but an even MORE sincere apology day two on video as well. Really impressive. Everyone should keep in mind that Delta did not have to offer $200 credit vouchers for Day 1, 2 & 3 (till noon) for delayed flights. Now for flights from Europe under the EU261 they are going to maybe have to pay a small fortune but that is not the same as the domestic offer. They could have been like other airlines who had issues and said sorry – who cares – we know you will be back anyway. This does mean a bunch to me. I just so wish Mr. Bastian would make a similar video and apologize for his predecessor all but decimating the SkyMiles program but let’s not go there today shall we! – René


  1. Flying today, sitting on plane 2 of 3… So far so good on delta. MSP looks a little rough with the blankets and cushions piled up, but overall not terrible. People are a little grumpy, but hanging-in. No way in heck me as a PM would get upgraded on a flight to ATL, but I did get a first upgrade out to my final. Perhaps a Porsche is in order!

  2. @Justin – Sweet and hope you get a ride. I hope they give extra rides to make up for all that has gone on. Would be a smart PR move!

  3. Good to know. I am flying from FLL – ATL – IND tomorrow. Since I was booked in P, it let me change to an earlier flight on check in. I will call at midnight and see if I can change to the earlier FLL-LGA-IND so I can check out the Amex club there (and get more MQMs).

  4. Good deal. I was impressed by the video – it came across as honest to me.
    I think as Americans get wider and seats/pitch get smaller – they (all domestics) are going to have to show some love or the ME3 will be happy to.

  5. Was the gate to gate transfer requested ahead of time? Or is it completely random?

    Thank you!

  6. Just returned August 10 from LAX on Delta 1254 and 1615 with the worst airline experience ever. This old auditor found signs of management incompetence all over the map. The executive summary of the experience is that it took almost 24 hours to get between LAX and Fort Lauderdale with no food or sleep. And I travelled out of LAX with folk who had already been flight delayed two days. Disgusted with Delta Management! Flightmemory logs flights 671 and 672 as The Delta Flights from Hell.

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