New Delta One Seats, Centurion SEA Upgrades, SPG & Marriott CC Hacking & More News!

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Photo Credit Delta News Hub

There has been a ton of news hitting us in the past day or so and the flood of emails is pouring in about the new Delta One seats coming a number of years from now on select routes.

from Delta on facebook

new delta D1 seats

From Delta on Facebook

Gotta say the seats look flat out amazing and can’t wait to try it. I bet it will cost 1 million SkyMiles to fly it (oh wait some flights in D1 almost cost that much now).

american express centurion studio seattle sea airport (7)

This is one TINY club – soon to be really BIG!

With a big HT to The Points Guy we are learning that AMEX is upgrading the SEA or Seattle Centurion lounge. That is good as it is a joke right now and the only Centurion I would avoid unlike the amazing ones in Centurion in Dallas or the Centurion in Miami with a SPA. We can only hope the upgraded SEA one also has a SPA as well.

If you are looking to buy some new luggage today only Amazon is having some real discounts. Saving is always good!

huge-stack-of-credit-cards-points renespoints blog

If you happened to stay at a number SPG, Hyatt or Marriott high end hotels recently you may want to check or change your credit card number you used at these locations. Hackers are everywhere!

delta fare sales now each month but they still hide the award charts so how do you know it is a sale

Delta is now going to have a “monthly” award sale. Interesting. I still really want to know how you can have a “sale” when you do not publish the award charts to compare what the normal price should be and what the current “sale” price is. Either way, spending less SkyMiles is smart and spending them on travel is smart (only uneducated flyers spend them on over priced drinks in the Sky Clubs).

Lastly, if you happen to hold $DAL stock, you may want to see THIS and THIS piece. I never buy or sell any airline stocks as a disclaimer but my guess is $30 per share level will be tested soon. For those brave, buying in the mid-$20 level could be a short term play but with big risk.

Any other Delta news you have seen and want to share? Please include the link below! – René


  1. @René,

    I spent a couple of hours at The Centurion club @LGA this past Thursday, it is in Terminal B, which is a good walk from Terminal C and it is outside of Security. While it did not have a spa, I found the tomato soup, slow cooked brisket, roasted summer squash and brownies to be quite good. I was not a big fan of the jalapeno creamed corn or the wasabi pea puree.

    However, aside from not having any of the beers that I like, the bar was quite good and the specialty drink list was spectacular. I had some sort of margarita that was made with pink grapefruit juice and was amazing.

    A much nicer experience then then skyclub by D where the chocolate cookies were so stale I couldn’t even get past the first bite.

  2. I’ll be checking out the Centurion club in IAH tomorrow 🙂 Looking forward to that!

  3. Well, since I am a hub hostage at MSP I am pretty sure I will never try those new seats at Delta One. They only use their worst planes on flights to and from here.

  4. @rene: I am glad you said nice city. Minneapolis is an amazing city. Other than the cold weather that we face for many months this is a fantastic place to live and raise kids. The biggest problem I have is with the domination of Delta at MSP. I would say that over 80% of the gates are occupied by them and they not only use terrible planes on most routes but they also charge a ridiculous amount of money for tickets. I understand it is a supply/demand equation but the lack of competition is really bad. I often see posts about amazing deals from East/West coast to Europe and Asia while I pay over $1,000 to fly to Omaha.

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