Delta 1st Class Cold Salmon Lunch – A Healthy and Solid Choice.

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Salmon lunch cold Delta Air Lines 1st class review RenesPoints blog

Have you had the cold Salmon lunch?

Today, as I continue to give you an overview of a bunch of the Delta domestic first class meal choices for lunch and dinner, we take a look at an interesting cold fish choice.

I like fish. I love tuna. I like salmon if prepared right. Being of Swedish ancestry I have no problem with all kinds of cold seafood. Cold fish can be quite nice but it surprised me this dish was served cold by Delta as it could have been quite good warm as well.

Either way I chose this because the only hot choice was the “furniture polish flavored” lemon chicken that I just cannot stand, but Delta seems to put on almost every jet I fly. I know, #FirstWorldProblems.

Let’s breakdown this salmon choice. The amount of fish was plentiful and it was prepared and cooked nicely. It needed a bit of salt and pepper but those are always provided. The rice with herbs and what seemed like some kind of feta type cheese was excellent and paired well with the fish. Also the asparagus, peppers and yellow cherry tomatoes were all crisp and fresh. Again this all really worked well together as a cold almost salad type dish. A sliced of lemon was provided but that, again, is not my taste on food.

Rather than bread I was presented with La Panzanella crackers. These work and sometimes the bread choice from Delta can be rock hard. Plus, it can take until you are half done for them to come around anyway. I like the La Panzanella option.

Lastly we have a Dancing Deer caramel pecan brownie. Not my personal favorite choice but it’s hard to go wrong with the quality of Dancing Deer.

Hames Creek Winemakers Red California 2012 wine Delta Air Lines 1st class RenesPoints blog

This was just NASTY Delta. You can do so much better!

Then we have the wine. Oh my – how nasty. Anytime you have a blend that is just called “RED” you can expect it to be sub-par. I have no idea just how cheap this wine is but another Hames Creek Cabernet I found for as little as $6 online. I have had “Two Buck Chuck” wines that were better than this swill. Delta, why have you gone from somewhat decent domestic Red choices to this junk? You can do better. A #KeepDescending choice.

So there you are. This was a light, fresh and tasty lunch choice on the healthy side of life (just avoid the wine)! – René


  1. @René,

    On my flight from DTW to FLL on Monday I had the choice between the Asian Chicken Salad or the Chicken Parm sandwich. I chose the sandwich and it was OK. I had a Ham,, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich on FLL-LGA last week that was quite good.

  2. Last week JFK-SLC the choice was salmon nicoise or pepperoni canzone. I am not a fan of salmon but opted for it anyway. It was the best airplane food I’ve eaten. Highly recommend.

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