100,000 point Chase Sapphire Reserve, Net FREE Ultimate Rewards points, SPG daily contest & more!

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No Annual Fee Credit Cards

chase crs card

From Chase BANK the Sapphire Reserve

Points, points, points. So many points. There has been so much going on that it is hard to keep up. The first massive news is both amazing and super disappointing.

Let me put this simply that the 100,000 points (after spend) Chase Sapphire Reserve card is one of the if not the best travel card period. The problem is if you have applied for more than 5 credit cards (any, not just from Chase) you are likely to be flat out turned down. Anyone who has not got 5 cards over the past 2 years should seriously consider this card as it is a real blockbuster.

If you look at BANK card links you will find all the   BANKS   that I have links for. I appreciate your support of the blog if you go for this card.

If you have applied for and received more than 5 cards over the past 2 years your only choice is to go to a Chase bank and see if you are pre-approved or if you are a PVT banking client you are likely able to get the card in the branch. That is the skinny of this amazing new card out today.

Mastercard Debit Gift Cards Delta Points blog office max sale

Yep, make FREE points!

The next also has to do with Chase Ultimate Rewards. If you have an INK  BUSINESS  card that earns 5x points at office supply stores you can buy 3x$200 Visa debit gift cards that after rebate actually cost less than face value. This means you get over 3000 UR points net FREE of charge. My guess is most stores will sell out fast so I would call for stock before you swing by either OfficeMax or Office Depot in your area.

win spg points

The next one is a daily game where you can win SPG points by playing. SPG does these almost every year and it is well worth a few clicks each day to see if you win FREE valuable SPG points! I would also consider the personal SPG card if you have never had it or the business SPG card as the days of being Marriott’ed are getting closer and closer! – René


  1. I went into the branch, and talked to my relationship banker. I am over 5/24 by a card or two. I was all primed to chat her up, and convince her to appeal my likely denial and I didn’t even have to.

    Surprisingly I was pre-approved for the Sapphire Reserve. Didn’t even have to mess with shifting credit limit from other cards.


  2. @Vicente – Yep, as mentioned, if over 5/24 the BEST call is go to branch. Clicking links will only mean a NO. But if under 5/24 then thanks for supporting the blog!

  3. Is the pre-approval list in a physical branch any different than what might show up on the Chase prequalified page.

  4. @Benjamin – I would go in branch. Having a MGR etc to help you can only help if you are over 5/24. Silly not to when SO many points are on the line. Unless your time is not worth $1500+ an hour 😉

  5. I have no idea if this 20-something banker has access to some different pipeline than the online application process or not. All I know is, she had brought up my Chase account and there was “pre-approved” right there on the screen for the Reserve card. I was her first customer for this product. I value my Chase relationship, and am swinging my real banking there.

    Amex Platinum will likely be on the chopping block next year.


  6. Oh, and I rechecked my credit report, I see 6 in 24. I was turned down a few months ago for Freedom Unlimited card. Maybe they relaxed to 6/24 for this new product? I dunno.

  7. Rene- Always enjoy the blog! im thinking of downgrading my CSP to Freedom Unlimited cuz I got approved for CSR. Could I still get the bonus from signing up for Unlimited as a new cardmember by downgrading from CSP? or do I need to cancel CSP first, then apply for Unlimited? i just dont want to “cancel” my CSP since I had it for a long time and its good for my credit report. Thanks in advance.

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