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APPROVED! Chase Sapphire Reserve Card w/ Known 5/24 Workaround – 100,000 Points!

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My PreApproval for the Chase Sapphire Reserve RenesPoints blog (3)
I love this! 100k on the way!

YES! I don’t mind telling you am more that just a little bit giddy. I REALLY wanted to get this Chase BANK  Sapphire Reserve card approved, but since I go for 3-5 new cards about every 91+ day of my life I saw very little hope of an approval.

My PreApproval for the Chase Sapphire Reserve RenesPoints blog (1)
The in bank lineup card

I was considering upgrading from another card like the Chase Freedom card I hold but that would mean no 100k bonus points.

My PreApproval for the Chase Sapphire Reserve RenesPoints blog (2)
That wallet is STUFFED with many cards from this year alone. Oh, now one more!

So, as I recommend before, I took the time today to go into my local Chase branch and asked my branch manager if I was pre-approved for the Chase Sapphire Reserve card – and low and behold – I was (I am NOT a PVT banking client btw).

It literally took only minutes. After filling in all my information on his computer screen, a pop up appeared and he called and gave some info to the rep, and then handed the phone to me with the phone rep telling me the amazing words:

“Congratulations you have been approved for the Chase Sapphire Reserve card with [rather large credit line]”

Yes, I smiled all the way home. This really is one of the best offers EVER and if you can you should do what you can either online or in the branch to see if you can get an approval. If you are a PVT banking client the 5/24 rule should be able to be worked around as well.

Now time to see what other cards I need to go for today since I can never ever get just ONE card at a time – right? – René

Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. Santastico Reply

    What exactly means you were pre-approved? Did he enter your S/S# in their system and the offer was there for you? I was 4/24 not including the 2 Amex Delta business cards and I applied online 3 days ago just for the sake of trying. I got a message I would be notified by mail in 30 days if I was approved or denied. Yesterday while checking my Chase accounts online I saw the Chase Sapphire Reserved was showing there with a huge credit line. 🙂

    • @Santastico – You just go in and ask they can pull you up by name and let you know if you are pre-approved. There are reports that EVEN if you get a no online you can get a yes in branch. Congrats on your approval as well.

    • @ghostrider – No. Many data points not at all the same. Confirmed by DOC and many many others (me included – online was NO but in branch YES).

  2. Do you have to have Chase banking or savings accounts? I only have Chase credit cards.

  3. Oh wow, only CCs. I like that answer. I see a trip on the horizon.

  4. I had the same in-branch experience on Monday morning. I asked and my relationship manager’s screen showed pre-approved. I am not with Private Client, I just have a Checking account (no Savings either!).

    So I applied. New card just landed on my doorstep. Fastest delivery of a new CC ever!

  5. I tried in-branch today after my online app went into pending.

    I was not “pre-approved”, but she submitted the app anyway.

    Now I have 2 apps in pending status LOL.

  6. Great! Congratulations for approval! I will have to try it out in branch…
    Regarding $300 travel credit, lets say if you use it to pay for hotel room for stay on Dec.25
    Is the travel credit considered as part of 2016 annual credit or does it apply to 2017 assuming tte credit is posted to account in Jan of 2017

    • @HS – Must post on this year to count on this year (not charge date). I will be paying for Delta FF tickets tax fees

  7. How many cards did you have opened in the past 24 months? In other words, what’s the numerator of your Chase n/24 number?

    If you were 6/24, that’s quite a different story than if you were 18/24.

    So what is your n/24 number?

    • @Jack – I am WELL north of 20 cards past 24 months (just under 30). Now some of them were biz cards but most were personal.

  8. Azam Makki Reply

    Congrats, Rene! I went in to the branch today and was not pre-approved but went through the application process. The result came back as pending and then I called the reconsideration line on my own and was told I was denied due to 5/24 rule. While I was at the branch the banker set me up with a meeting w/ Chase Private Client. Would I be able to reapply as a CPC client or is my shot gone?

    • @Azam – If you can be PVT then they can work around it. But takes a little time.

  9. Thank you, that’s actually quite helpful.

    I’m currently at 12/24, with one scheduled to drop off in September.

    • @jack – IF you have a Chase close by there is zero downside of going in and asking if pre-approved. I hope they say YES YES YES!

  10. In fact there are oodles of Chase branches nearby. I refinanced my home mortgage in one of them just down the street. I’m a familiar face in several of the local branches (where I make credit card payments frequently…). I might just go visit them tomorrow.

  11. @Azam – how far over 5/24 are you? And do you have any kind of an existing relationship with Chase?

  12. A friend who works in a local branch told me I was “preapproved” but my application went pending after submitting online. I called Chase and the rep told me you can’t be preapproved for this card, so I’m not sure of the disconnect. In any event, I had far too much credit open with them so it was a simple matter of moving it around. Took awhile on the phone, but very helpful and approved. Be sure to call if you are declined or go pending.

  13. Applied on Line and was pending and called the reconsideration line and they moved 10k from other card and approved me. Should expect to get package in 2 weeks.

  14. So what’s a huge line? 35k? That’s the largest I’ve seen and got that on a pre-approval in the branch too.

  15. 7/24 and was pre-approved in the bank! did not show that online. Got the card today with a rather large Line of credit!
    What other card did u apply today? What is the benefit of applying multiple card in one day?

  16. Does 5/24 mean you get rejected for the 6th? I was rejected but have 7. My husband only has 5 though, including 3 chase. Might even be 4 including 3 chase if Ink Plus doesn’t count since it’s a business card.

    • @Cindi – simply put if you have had more than 4 credit cards including authorized users for the past 24 months they will turn you down. So if you have five six or more in the last 24 months Chase will say no.

  17. Just read the blog here and applied. Instant approval! Should I be using this and NOT my Delta AMEX as Ive got the MDQ wavier? Should I book my Delta tix on this card after 25G spend on AMEX?

    • @Charles – CONGRATS & thanks for using my links! I will book almost all my tickets on this card due to the perks and the value. But, I have much spend on other things to reach my spend goals. If you are buying large sums and flying Delta you will have to choose for yourself.

    • @JK – Have not tested yet but should work. Also, if PM or DM, possibly award taxes. Shall check that too.

  18. Data Point from today.

    Probably 11-12/24 on recent card approvals.

    Checked online pre-qualified site at Chase and 0 approvals was reply.

    Currently have Chase Ink Business, Chase Freedom (Converted from previous CSP product when AF hit), Chase IHG and Chase United.

    Saw various online posts mentioning to check Pre-Approval status in branch with some having success at approval even > 5/24.

    Went to local Chase branch here in TX today and checked with branch manager and my status did show “Pre-Approved”.

    Went ahead and applied for CSR and received instant approval in-branch with $31K CL.

    Fico at time of application today 775.

    Happy to have read that in-branch “Pre-Approval” status was circumventing 5/24 or I would have never applied.

  19. I’m at 5/24+, and I was pre-approved in-branch for a 20k line today. Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.

    • @Tiffany – WAHHOOO! Congrats and thanks for reading and supporting the blog!

  20. If my 5th/24 dropped off on 9/6 is that safe to go forward with a new card?

  21. I didn’t know about the 5/24 rule. I have an 830+ credit score and only a 5% utilization rate, but 7 new cards since Nov 2014. One was actually a transfer from a Discover More to IT card, and I might be able to get a letter that that was not really a new account, but a change to a different rewards card as they transferred my credit limit. However, that would still leave me at 6 cards. As of Dec 1 it will 5 cards. However, the rule is 5 or more = decline.
    If I go into a Chase branch, will the fact I was denied in October for an online app lower or remove my chance of pre-approval in a branch?

    • @magicbob – no. you are either approved in branch or not. online attempts do not impact this.

  22. Hi Rene! I read that opening a CPC account, even without their very large balance min, if you have a good credit score, would still be approved if 5 or more cards in 24 mo.
    But that that policy will disappear shortly. Do you know on what date that will disappear?
    I have a 814 and 805 credit score with the two bureaus and applied in Oct and again Dec 2016 and was rejected both times due to the 5/24 rule. The second time I applied in the branch and there was no pre-approval.
    I am going on an almost 2 month trip to SE Asia starting Feb 2 and the benefits of this card would have been fabulous.
    If the ability to open a CPC account for smaller amounts is still in effect until the end of 2016, and would greatly increase the ability to be approved even with 5 cards in 24 months, how much would I need to deposit?
    As the earliest I could do this on Dec 30 or 31, are their databases updated immediately ie realtime -so I could make the deposit, then immediately apply?
    At the point before applying, is it likely a pre-approval will show once the CPC deposit is displaying?
    Thanks for your help!

    • @Bob – Reports are even Chase PVT banking clients now can NOT work around 5/24. The only way now is to be PRE approved to get the card. Sorry.

  23. What reasons would make someone with a high credit score not be preapproved if the 5/24 rule doesn’t count for pre-approval?

    • @Bob – Who knows. I was WAYYYYYYYYYY over 5/24 and with an 800+ and was PRE approved for CSP. Other cards I have tested have been a no, no matter what I try.

  24. Thanks for your prompt replies. Seems to make no sense to me, but I’m sure it does to Chase :-).
    Do you know if they have any cycle when they renew their preapprovals such as the 1st of every month?

  25. Hi a question I just applied for the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card.
    The person who took my information had me sign papers.
    I asked if I was approved. She said it says pending. She states it may take a few days to find out. I asked if I was denied. She states No. She states if I had been denied it would have said it right away on the computer. She sates she has seen denied before for other customers who have applied right away on her computer screen..

    Is this the normal process in order to get the card
    They took my DL, Banking Relationship, Income then no answer. That I have to wait to be approved?

    When I applied for my other Credit Cards I was approved right away.
    I’ve only had 2 inquiries in the last 2 years that should come off in April 2017.

    I’m very anxious to get this card and use it to it’s full potential.

    Please any input. Thank you

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