HURRY! Detroit to Orlando (via SLC) 1st class $489 & 10232 MQMs at 4.8CPM Delta Elite Mileage run

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matrix dtw-slc-mco

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delta-com dtw-slc-mco 1st

matrix coach dtw-slc-mco

delta-com dtw-slc-mco basic e

No fear of ZIKA if you do not leave the airport right ;-)! I am not a huge fan of red-eyes anymore but if you are a DTW hub captive this is a very nice run in first class at a price I would be willing to pay in coach that is sub 5CPM from a Delta hub.

You can tinker with dates on this one as well as connections as if you take the one with the longer layover in MCO you can visit THE CLUB at MCO and get a shower before your return or even look at an overnight if you do not want to red-eye.

I have also included the coach BASIC EVIL E fare that does earn FULL POINTS but for the price I would pass and buy in 1st class. I have also included in SEPTEMBER one date that works at a higher price but for a weekend run if you can not run on a weekday. BTW I would book fast if you want this as I doubt it will last long!

Here are the numbers I found (via SLC both ways):

Cost: $489 in 1st class

10,232 MQMs at 4.8 CPM

Weekday in 1st class <-LINK

Weekend in 1st class <-LINK

Weekday in EVIL BASIC E class (warning NO upgrades) <-LINK

EDIT: Works from MSP for a few bucks more! <-LINK

I have included the Google Flights or Kayak links and for those of you new to this, 1st log in to your SkyMiles account and THEN you click the above links and it will, after you choose flights, send them over to Very simple! – René


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  1. Rene, I tried to book this via your Kayak link. Everything was going well until I clicked “complete purchase” on the site. Delta.dumb then gave me a “price change” screen for $1370. I tried it couple times but no go. I called the Delta Gold line but was told the price was $1370. They couldn’t help me with what Kayak provided. Is this a HUCB moment, or am I out of luck? Thanks, Scott

  2. How do you use the two links above as you suggested?

    After I click on the RenesPoints link, how do I then click on the second link.

    My apologies, I am new to this.

  3. Tried to book it in 1st in Sept $640 pp
    when I booked the Tickets in coach in September the MQMs turned out to be 3410X2 ……exact same itinerary Coach cost was $340 pp
    Why arent ther 10k MqMs??

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