An APM Marketplace PodCast interview with Delta CEO Ed Bastian – Worth a listen.

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delta ceo ed bastian

Kai Ryssdal has the perfect radio voice. If he did not do the Marketplace radio show he would be excellent at recorded books. Now he has produced about a half hour PodCast with Delta’s CEO Ed Bastian and it is worth a listen:

I am just not sure how I feel about Ed yet. He sounds genuine, but I am clearly a huge fan of loyalty and points and this is rarely talked about by the CEO. Plus, as we all know, actions speak louder than words when it comes to Delta and this week the actions have spoken clearly.

A few points that piqued my attention in the interview if you do not listen to it:

  • Sometimes flies Delta coach unlike Richard who only flew coach (domestically).
  • Referred to the Delta 8AUG meltdown as a Delta problem and expands on the issue
  • Is really focused on performance over everything else and it shows.

Anyway, try to find the time to listen to this as I think you will find it interesting and a good insight into the top dog at Delta Air Lines! – René


  1. Listened last night on SEA to PDX. I wondered the same thing the interviewer asked about “boring” safety videos.

  2. Really “focused on performance over everything else” you say? Delta’s on-time performance, Delta’s financial performance, or, and this one is most important to me, Delta’s passengers’ business and life performance due to enhanced experiences aboard Delta fights.

  3. This is actually a program from American Public Media, not NPR. Can that be changed please?

    Thank you!

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