Minneapolis to Dallas (via SLC) 1st class $389 & 5938MQMs at 6.5CPM weekend 1DAY Delta Elite Mileage Run

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msp run 1

Check many other dates to confirm

delta-com one day coach run msp

In coach NO E BASIC fare

delta-com msp to dfw 1st

This would be my choice in 1st

Its back with a HT to reader Scott. There are, slightly playing with prices, a number of ways to play with this one. You can do it all in 1st class in one long day or in coach (just avoid E BASIC fare class flights). If you are a GM+ I sure would think about coach as weekend UG chances are much better. Then again, for the price, the 1st class MQMs is much better. Just consider both.  Also consider staying over a day if you like visits to the Centurion Lounge DFW and HardEightBBQ near Dallas airport (just a short UBER or LYFT away folks)

Maxtrix is not showing all the dates at this lowest price so play with the dates you want and see if it pops up.

Anyway here are the 1st class numbers:

Cost: $389

5,938 MQMs at 6.5CPM

Bookable direct on Delta.com

or example on Kayak.com in 1st class

or example on Kayak.com in coach (no E class)

I have included the Google Flights or Kayak links and for those of you new to this, 1st log in to your Delta.com SkyMiles account and THEN you click the above links and it will, after you choose flights, send them over to Delta.com. Very simple! – René


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  1. Hi Rene,
    SLC city doesn’t show up as an option for a stop- only Atlanta. Even on the date you show Oct 29th. ??

  2. @Mark – If you are using Delta.com it will not. Use KAYAK.com as I have shown you in the post. If you need help see link in post at bottom of post.

  3. Booked for my wife & me exactly as shown. You make it so easy. Thanks! Wish there were some longer ones posted for MSP!

  4. Rene–and Scott: Many thanks for finding and posting this. I plan to do it on Nov 5 (perhaps with a new friend through Elite Mileage Runs).. It’s helpful that there is breakfast, lunch, snacks, then dinner on this routing. It would be wonderful if you were able to find a major (international??) business class run in last few days of December. Thank you again!

  5. @Bernard – Yep you get to test out 3 meals and a non-meal snack basket ;-). Got it, INT run in biz in Dec. Will get to work!

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