An AeroMexico Mileage Run in Business Class – Totals and results (was it worth it)?

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AeroMexico 737-800 MCO-MEX
The AeroMexico Skyteam lounge MEX
Regional ERJ-190 MEX-SDQ-MEX
AeroMexico 737-700 MEX-MCO
Totals and results (was it worth it)?

AeroMexico Mileage Run numbers credit to Delta

I like these numbers!

So was it worth it? That is always the question when it comes to a mileage run. First off a “fun run” is not for everyone. There will always be those who cannot wrap their heads around getting a jet (or a bunch of them) just to fly. You know, that is fine – no one is forcing them to do this. I personally don’t understand marathon running. I mean I get why people do it but I don’t see any joy in it for me personally. That does not mean I would for a second criticize anyone for running as a hobby. I am happy they love it and good for them. But show those who like to fly for fun the same respect. I know, I can dream right, the angry people will always be angry. Let’s move on.

First things first. The numbers looked good but came with risks. What risks? The tiny risk there could be no points for this adventure and mostly defeat the purpose of the trip. I need not have worried as points have arrived as expected.

bonus points for run

Thank you for the bonus points Delta!

Now this, for me, did not happen as smoothly as those who had their FF number correctly printed on their boarding passes as I warned you about in the first post. I did have my number clearly in the reservation but had to go the route of sending copies of everything to Delta to get the correct credit. I asked on Twitter how long it would take and as an apology for the much longer than normal time for posting, I was awarded 5,000 bonus SkyMiles. This was not required but a nice touch by Delta.

So first the numbers. For the price of $111 round trip this worked out to:

  • 9,610 MQMs costing me just 1.2CPM
  • 17,298 SkyMiles for the flight
  • 5,000 Bonus SkyMiles for the post issue

This means, at a bare minimum value of 1 cent each for the SkyMiles, I earned $223 from the $111 fare and the net cost for the MQMs was ZERO! Talk about #Winning! And it helped me be set to rollover into next year almost enough points to be Diamond again as soon as I reach my MQD exempt spend in January some time. That works.

And that is just the hard numbers. A run for me is about much more than just the number, it is about the adventure and the fun. Like what fun.

Since I am not near an airport with CLEAR I had not had a chance to try it. Due to the fact that AeroMexico flights were no where near the Sky Club or the THE CLUB at MCO I had the “joy” of going back and forth through security again and again and learned how great CLEAR can be. That alone was worth the run to me as a travel nut!

I also had the chance to meet some frequent flyer friends I had only known from the blog as well as some new ones along the way. It is always the greatest pleasure to share the love of travel with others who are just the same as you.

I had the chance to try a Skyteam partner I had never flown. Sure I was mostly unimpressed with the offerings, but being a blogger and an AVgeek it was another opportunity I really was looking forward to experiencing.

I don’t know how thrilled I was to both experience the AeroMexico lounge in MEX as well as missing the chance to see the Centurion next door. This makes me wish I had booked two of these runs as the next time it would be a much smoother connection knowing how to move from point to point quickly. Ah well.

Lastly I had a chance for an amazing dinner with friends who love to fly. These are the kinds of folks you could fly anywhere on the planet with, spend the day doing whatever, and have memories for a lifetime. That is something special.

So was it worth it? You had better believe it and again not just for the numbers that were outstanding! So next time you see a “fun run” pop up on the blog – think about jumping on a deal and see what happens. You may enjoy the adventure and if you want to tag along on one of the ones I book – just ask! – René


VACATION NOTICE: I will be on vacation through the 10th and will have limited access to the blog and email.

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  1. I finally got my flight credit adjusted by Delta last night … although no 5000 points for having to submit information 2 times! (once by fax … who has a fax machine?)

  2. How come a $111 gives that many MQD and skymiles? Given you are DM using a Delta CC, wouldnt it be 111*13=1443 max? What am I missing?

  3. Just dragged my hubby on a semi-fun run this last weekend(he is not a fan of it but needed more MQM’s to keep status). I did arrrange a5 hour layover so we could see our daughter and son in law for dinner–which worked out well!!and we did get 9500 mqm’s ! !

  4. Hi Rene, given the recent $250K or $15K MQD change I am looking at this. I don’t understand how a $111 far can turn into $1992 of MQD credit. Can you explain that one? Something like this could be very useful in the new environment. I note when I book tickets on KL, AF, China Southern or Eastern my MQD credit does not look so good. What am I missing here?

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