Lots going on with the continuing “Battle in Seattle” drama between Alaska & Delta

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imageSunday, September 11, 2016 – By John @laptoptravel

I happen to live in the state of Washington, and Seattle is my ‘hub’ airport.  So, in the last few years I have enjoyed a front row seat at one of the wildest rivalries, no I am not talking about football, well yes I am, sort of.  I am also talking about airline carriers and how they and sports teams often make strange bedfellows.

In another, and quirky, chapter in the continuing saga of Delta versus Alaska Airlines (what we call up here in the Pacific Northwest the ‘Battle in Seattle’), Delta Air Lines has come up with a special ‘fan’ program for residents living in the state of Washington. I first learned about it from a press release by Delta.

Delta calls it “12Status” and it is designed to reward fans of the Seattle Seahawks. The number 12 is meant to represent the fan; the 12th ‘player’ on a team of 11 on the field.

Delta describes this status as follows:

12status is the airline’s first program that allows sports fans to earn miles for Award Travel simply for being a fan. Fans will automatically receive miles for on-and off-the-field activities, including:

  • One mile for each passing yard at Seahawks home games
  • 500 bonus miles for every 12,000 people who sign up for 12status
  • 1,200 miles should the fans at CenturyLink Field on the Dec. 15 game against Los Angeles create enough noise to cause five (5) false start penalties against the visiting team
  • 1,200 miles for new SkyMiles members

There are many other perks for members of this ‘fan club.’

12status members will also receive perks when they fly with Delta, including priority boarding on Delta flights out of Sea-Tac during football season beginning Sept. 8 and free merchandise in the terminals during away game travel periods, while supplies last. Members are also eligible for surprise seat upgrades in the Delta Sky360 Club at CenturyLink Field.

In 2015, Delta and the Seahawks celebrated the extension of their sponsorship and Delta’s status as Official Airline of the Seattle Seahawks. However, Seahawk’s quarterback Russell Wilson is an official spokesman for Alaska Airlines, hmmm?

Delta has made similar efforts to capture more of Alaska Airlines’ customer base, most recently by offering special benefits to state of Alaska residents.

This ‘frenemy’ partner relationship is strained, to say the least.  When will the relationship break?  I have been told it is coming, although not as soon as I had anticipated, but it is pretty clear something has to give. Probably once the Alaska/Virgin merger is complete, and then Delta will sever all ties with Alaska Airlines?

In the meantime, if you happen to be a resident of the state of Washington, you can certainly get some free miles.  Fans can sign up for 12status at www.seahawks.com/12status

What are your thoughts about this special ‘status’ and the promotional cartoon video? – John




  1. Yet another lame effort on the part of DL to take AS customers away. By this time most people have determined whether their staying or going. DL seems to be “testing” a lot of different scenarios around the country and abroad, most of which seem to be hit or miss. Now they has raised their ugly head once again with “Open Skies” issue with EK.

    Oh well DL good try just not enough

  2. I think it is Alaska and not Delta who will cut ties… I think Alaska will double down on AA partnership

  3. @ Mike Demopoulos-

    If you mean non-local as out-of-state, then Delta will disqualify your entry.

    If you mean non-local referencing Seattle then as long as you do not feel you are betraying any of your other NFL or airline alliances [Note: That is purely subjective and a personal decision for you] then miles are miles, right?

    If you check the Seahawks typical home field performance you can anticipate a pretty fair return of free miles in the season.

  4. And Alaska gave Salt Lake folks huge discounts when it expanded in our market a couple of years ago, and as recently as last year offered their lowest tier (like Silver) just for flying one round trip, for Utah residents I think. They also are promoting with BYU Football. So we’re seeing the Alaska equivalent in SLC, a Delta hub. Not so much right now tho. Unless I’ve missed it.

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