Delta dumps Medallion elite Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse access as part of move to T3 in LHR (boooo)!

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delta dumps virgin clubhouse access for elites

So much for Clubhouse access Medallions!

I really like the Virgin Atlantic clubhouse in LHR airport and had a report ready from my last visit when for some reason my photos for about 3 days went “poof”. Needless to say I am going back and it is a very nice spot to relax when departing London.

As has been widely blogged about by One Mile at a Time as well as Rapid Travel Chai (and others) Delta is moving all operation from T4 to T3. Most bloggers were excited about this change because it meant Platinum Medallion or higher, even in coach, could access the VS Clubhouse. Not so fast. Notice the update from Delta today:

  • As of September 14, 2016, Diamond and Platinum Medallion Members will no longer have access to the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse if not traveling in Delta One™ or Virgin Atlantic Upper Class. Diamond, Platinum, and Gold Medallion Members traveling in Delta Main Cabin or Virgin Atlantic Economy cabin will be directed to use No1 Lounges, Heathrow located in Terminal 3.
  • Delta’s Arrivals Lounge in Terminal 3 will be closing on September 20, 2016. So, starting September 14, 2016, all Diamond and Platinum Medallion Members will receive complimentary access to the Virgin Atlantic Revivals Lounge upon arrival at London-Heathrow Airport regardless of cabin of travel. The Revivals lounge will also be complimentary for Delta One™ and Virgin Atlantic Upper Class passengers.

So much for that fun to look forward to. Delta elites are  NOT  going to enjoy the amazing Virgin lounge, but are off to the No1 3rd party lounge. Oh goodie.

Tell me, why does Delta own 49% of VS again? #KeepDescending Delta! – René


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  1. This is somewhat understandable because I suspect there are a large number of gold and platinums on economy-class tickets during peak times. Also, I suspect Virgin wanted to preserve its brand. While the airline’s hard product isn’t better than Delta, its soft product is much better and perceived as much more upscale.

    No. 1 isn’t that bad of a lounge. The food is pretty good, actually. I wonder if a Delta elite could still access the Sky Team lounge, assuming they had enough time to shuttle back and forth between the two terminals?

  2. @FNT – Yep. See link and shot above: Diamond, Platinum, and Gold Medallion Members will still enjoy access to the SkyTeam lounge in Terminal 4.

  3. Great news! The Clubhouse crowding had become untenable. Completely agree with @FNT: Agree: Whilst Delta may open 49% of Virgin, it’s most certainly it’s uncool, beige wearing, beard toting, prius driving brother.

    The No.1 Lounge is not bad at all, actually. Quite enjoyable.

    @rene: Most of the T4 flights are moving to T3 in the next few months anyway. Never got to experience the lounge at T4

  4. @René,

    I wonder if non-DL Plat Amex card will get into any of the clubs at terminal 3. The one time I flew home from there, I was Premium Economy on Virgin and my wife was Business class on DL and we met up at JFK for the last leg to FLL.

  5. Rene, I’m currently in London, flying home to LAX this Saturday the 17th on VS7, in ELR economy, presumably out of T3. I’m a Delta PM. I guess I lose out on the Virgin lounge this time. I know nothing about the “No1 Lounge”, but it looks like I’ll check it out this Saturday morning. Thanks for the (discouraging) heads-up.

  6. well darn i’m going there after Sept.30 and had heard alot about the Virgin lounge!!!!!BUMMMER for this new demotion rule!!and no timeline for those who had already made flight reservations.

  7. By the way, this is my biggest gripe about Virgin. Many American customers hear all the fancy talk about their lounge and so forth but if you fly into Manchester, Edinburgh or London-Gatwick, you get none of those premium services that Virgin touts for fare-paying London-Heathrow or New York-J.F.K. passengers.

  8. @Rene: Hmm, I might try the suggestion you gave @Dotti, when I leave London the day after tomorrow, flying home to LAX on VS7 out of T3. I may say: “Hey, this lounge was included when I bought my ticket”, and see if they will let me in… 🙂

  9. Too bad. I enjoyed that lounge. I hope this is not a trend. The Clubhouse at HKG is not as nice but still superior to the Skyteam lounges.

    Delta fliers are impressed with Clubhouses because they have no access to first-class lounges like AA elites when travelling abroad.

  10. It’s my favorite lounge. I tweeted them. We could all tweet and maybe just maybe, they’ll hear us.

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