Delta Million Miler Devaluation, SPG goes “thud”, Hilton / Delta MQMs & more!

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Computer says….. NO!

…and the cuts keep on coming. You cannot leave the Delta SkyMiles team with idle hands and time to kill as if you do you know what is next – devaluations or as they call them “enhancements”!

Now have a cut to what many consider one of the most valuable rewards you can pick that is 40,000 bonus SkyMiles for reaching your Delta Million Miler level (whatever that may be). I chose not to pick the SkyMiles for my Million Miller gift as I have a ton of them and am working on spending them down to zero, but you may have been “this close” to making it to the next MM level and may have been counting on the points for some award. Then again, with all the recent devaluations to SkyMiles it is hard to keep up what a SkyMile really is worth. Expect more cuts, sorry, enhancements, to SkyMiles before the year ends.


Next we have the real “thud” of the current updated SPG business card offer (you can find it in my AMEX card tab here). Basically it is two free nights (after spend) at 1-5 level hotels [OFFER HAS EXPIRED] if you have NEVER EVER (check here to find out) had the business SPG AMEX card. I am not at all impressed with the offer and would much rather have SPG points. Unless you have a specific level 5 hotel stay in mind I would pass on this offer. I think AMEX will be shocked that no one is going for it, but clearly we are not. AMEX with SPG needs to take a look at the current Chase    BANK   Sapphire Reserve offer for a hint on what to do with special offers! 😉


Not yet, but soon! MQMs

Then we had the not live yet, but “coming soon”, the chance to earn Delta MQMs for stays. There are directions to follow and you had better follow them (I have arrows for you). Lastly on this offer stay on top of each stay to make sure the MQMs post to Delta. In years past some have had issues and if you are “that” short of some Delta elite level it could really matter a bunch.


Yeah? I am Marriott Platinum now 🙁

Lastly my fellow BA blogger OMAAT has a great post (and follow up post) on linking your SPG to Marriott and the other way around. The transfer of SPG to Marriott is 3 to 1 (good) but I still have no interest in being “Marriott’ed”. Ah well, for the next few months I am both SPG Platinum and Marriott Platinum to try it out. I am still sticking with free status from my travel cards to meet my needs and will focus instead on maximizing earning hotel points vs status with a single brand.

Any other interesting travel bits going on this week you found? Leave a comment and a link below! – René

PS – The new Delta B Sky Club opens to the public TODAY!


  1. Rene, as someone on the cusp of 1M miles with Delta this confirms my switch to the Southwest with the goal of reaching the companion pass goal. They really are too much with each cut pushing you away from the mother ship. It is a little comforting to know moving away was the right decision as the losses keep coming. So I appreciate their being consistent when I am making my loyalty decisions each year.

  2. Other news – Walmart seems to have updated their software again, denying the option to ‘change payment type’ on the screen. Any updates on this process? Would like to load my BB with some VDGCs I’m holding.

  3. @Greg – Hit “cancel” instead of the yellow key and will bring up option to choose Debit I am told. I am assuming you are talking about MC DGCs not VDGCs as no change needed on those.

  4. Rene, *HUGE* thanks on the Hilton MQM alert! As you said, it wasn’t quite live when you wrote this post, but I just checked again, and now it is! I just now signed up, and right in the nick of time. I have one 2-night Hilton stay later this week, and another 2-night stay next week. So 2 x 250=500 MQMs for me! Woo hoo — thank you SO much for the heads up! – Ken

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