Delta SkyMiles & Medallion teams – Please watch Delta’s new “TRUST” video every day over and over again!

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TRUST. It is a simple word but one that is greatly lacking in our modern culture. I am old enough to have grown up with the understanding that when someone gave you their word, you trusted them. Also, that you trusted someone until they gave you a reason not to trust them, as most would not want to be known as a person who could not be trusted. Delta  hopes  wants  expects  needs us to trust them. Take a look:

That, Delta, is a powerful video. I understand why Delta has produced it. The second week of August is still fresh in many people’s minds. Delta initially stumbled during the meltdown but then, IMO, did a great job at doing all it could to make it better. But earning trust, as they point out, is hard to gain back when it has been broken and is fragile.

The Delta SkyMiles team needs to learn this and watch this video every day before they go to work. Why? We need to trust that our SkyMiles are a valuable currency. To make this really clear just look at this short trust list:

  • We need to  trust  our SkyMiles will NOT be devalued without a year’s notice (at least).
  • We need to  trust  the award charts are accurate and published (not hidden).
  • We need to  trust  that when we click on an award it will not be phantom award space.
  • We need to  trust  that we can find LEVEL 1 awards on Delta metal (see E7).
  • We need to  trust  that higher awards will not yield additive pricing.
  • We need to  trust  that if we die our loved ones can use our SkyMiles.

Every single time SkyMiles devalues our points without giving us at least 1 year’s notice they make us not trust them and the value of any earned points (via flying or other means). Every time we go to search for an award and cannot compare the price to a published award chart we lose more trust in Delta. Every time we click on an award only to find the price changes from what was on the screen in front of us we trust them less. Every time we search and can ONLY find partner space and not Delta metal LEVEL 1 awards we lose trust in SkyMiles. When SkyMiles is found with additive pricing for two segments vs. paying an already higher price for an award we trust them so much less. Lastly, when we are no longer here, we should be able to trust Delta to do the right thing and let us give our hard earned points to someone we love.

Then we have the Medallion team that in so many ways is closely tied to SkyMiles. They too need to watch the trust video above over and over. The need to clearly understand that:

  • We need to  trust  SHENA will not visit our flight.
  • We need to  trust  we will not be upgraded to a center C+ seat.
  • We need to  trust  our GU and RU certs can find space.
  • We need to  trust  an upgrade e-mail is to first class (only).
  • We need to  trust  a C+ upgrade will not block us from 1st class
  • We need to  trust  our upgrade space will not be sold “cheap” from under us.

I could go on but these really are the main ones, to me, that erode our trust in earning and holding elite status with Delta. I have pointed out to the Delta CEO personally the trust that is lost when SHENA visits my gate. Everyone, or just about everyone, who flies Delta feels like I do that a middle seat in the same coach seat as the rest of the jet is no upgrade and we need to trust we will not be moved to one ever without our permission. How about trusting when we go to spend our elite benefits to upgrade with a GU or RU that space will be there. We lose trust when we get an e-mail we have been upgraded to the same seat we are already in. We should be able to trust that after working for a year to earn elite status that those rules will not change until at least a year later. Lastly we should trust the published perks will not be sold out from under us for pennies on the dollar.

Delta strong. Delta proud. Delta difference. Yes, Delta trust – This is who they are. If only we could place the same trust in SkyMiles and the Medallion program that we have for the rest of Delta’s operations and people. Now wouldn’t that be something! – René

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  1. Great post, Rene’. If it wasn’t for the Delta front-liners I would not be with Delta. They all provide a great experience from the folks at the check-in counter to Sky Club to gate agents and FAs they are all great. If the “back office” we’re that good Delta would be a fantastic airline.

    With the departure of Mr. Anderson we no longer have to hear about the “Delta Difference”. I take that as encouraging sign for the future of Delta.

    Just wonder if Delta management knows that it costs five times more to get a customer than to keep one. I suppose with decreased competition the cost to get a customer is not as great as it once was.

  2. TRUST that Delta will kill off the AWFUL Comfort +. It must have been designed for two basic reasons, monetize as much as possible and to piss off the frequent flier (Diamonds). Scam marketing propaganda bull…

  3. just got 2 fake upgrades in C- to the dreded middle seat for a 3 ++ hour and 1 hour flight!!!!

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