100,000 point Discover Miles w/mega spend offer. IHG 100% bonus on buy & other deals.

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I know this offer is nothing new but since I just flat out missed it, and wish I had seen it during my last round of cards, maybe you missed it too! Take a look at the possible math on this decent offer on the Discover   BANK    Miles card.

  • Spend $33,333 at 1.5 mile each earn 50,000 points
  • Discover will match you 50,000* points (*in a year)
  • so if you can MS a bunch it means:
  • 67 VDGCs at $500 each at a Simons Mall costs you ~$265 + $24 in MO fees at WM

Bottom line is for those who are able, and so inclined, a few visits to the mall and Walmart could net you $1000 in travel cash for under $300 in costs (plus your time). Maybe something to busy yourself with until the first of the year when you are again, like me, focused on Delta MQD exempt spending.


The next one is a decent offer if you need some IHG points. I like getting them even cheaper than this via promotions and stays I have to do anyway, but at least with the 100% bonus offer on up to 60,000 points the price is a fair value to buy them if you need them soon. Keep in mind if you have the Chase   BANK   IHG Mastercard (everyone should) you really will net 132,000 points out of this as when you spend them you get 10% bonus rebate points back.


Under $20 – Sweet deal on 20k brick!

This last one is a really good price on a 20,000 mAh mega battery brick with great reviews. It is big, just like my 20k brick, but have you ever said on the road I just have way too much power to charge my phone and tablet too much? Yeah, me neither. I also like the tiny built in light. I wish my brick had this feature.

Anyway, these were 3 quick deals that caught my attention today and I wanted to share with you! – René


  1. $24 in MO fees at WM

    Where? Most Walmarts won’t allow you to buy MO with giftcards anymore and I have tried in 3 states at 10 diff locations.

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