Quick giveaway: 10 Delta HOOU “Have One On Us” coupons! Who’s thirsty?

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No Annual Fee Credit Cards


Who wants some HOOUs?

Time for a quick afternoon giveaway thanks to reader Rich from NYC who generously sent me a nice fat stack of HOOU or Delta amenity coupons called “Have One On Us”. They are good for a mixed drink on-board a Delta jet or a beer or a really bad tiny bottle of wine. Or, a set of Billboard Headsets to enjoy the free IFE or inflight seatback entertainment.

I will use Random.org to pick 5 winners and each will get 2 coupons in the mail. I will pick the winners later tonight 9/27/16. To win all you have to do is leave any kind of comment below on this post. You can comment as many times as you want but each comment has to say something different. Also if your comment is creative and I like it, and Random.org picks you, I will give you an extra HOOU! Please know that these coupons expire on December 31st of this year 2016. Have fun!

UPDATE: We have hour winners and they are 26, 2, 43, 28  &  51. Congrats winners I will email you tomorrow and comments are closed! Cheers!


  1. I won two of these before and as promised… I gave them away. One went to a guy who helped someone get their bad off the carousel, the other went to an exhausted-looking GI. (They also got Rene’s biz card, btw.) Not expecting to luck out again, just wanted to tell you all how happy you can make people with such a little thing! (Like Warren above, most fliers don’t even know about HOOU’s.) So go brighten someone’s flight!

  2. I’ll never say no to something that can make being stuck in Basic Economy slightly less terrible.

  3. Too bad those can’t be exchanged for the 300-800+ miles Delta would charge you per premium drink at a Sky Club

  4. I’m flying Delta to Turks and Caicos next month! A free drink would be the perfect way to start my vacation!

  5. Flying Delta in December, right after Christmas. Last year, the flight was 25% oversold, so I’ll need a drink!

  6. With all the negative talk about Skymiles, I broke up with my longtime girlfriend to try AA for a year. Well, that didn’t last long. What a disaster! Back now with my old fling, the on-time machine.

    Also, planned travel with a 3 month old for Christmas. The wife and I may “need” an adult cocktail or two…

  7. I’m not sure the FA will know what to do with paper coupons. They say no paper only plastic for payment now………………but I’ll give it a go. I’m always stuck in the back on Trans Con flights so I need a drink to dull the back pain

  8. Thanks Rene!
    Always love reading your blog! These would come in handy on a couple of upcoming packed ATL-LAX flights where I foresee very little chance of an upgrade.

  9. I could have used a few really bad tiny bottles of wine when I was stuck in Anchorage and Seattle during the Delta outage!

  10. I was stuck back of the bus this week for first time in a while next to a baby and really wanted one of these then. Lol

  11. My brother works for Delta.
    Anytime I can get anything Delta, for “free”, I grab it so I can claim it came out of his pocket.

  12. Taking my grownup son to the Ryder Cup on Delta this weekend and would love to be visited by the Random.org genie. We will toast you all from somewhere between MSY and MSP.

  13. Let’s take the state of Delta, great state, I own property there. Now there is this company AA, and if they want to go move their jobs down to Mexico, then the heck with them. But if they want to come back here and try to give away drink coupons, they are going to pay a tax.

  14. Thanks Rene for your very informative points (posts). I primarily fly Delta but ran into an issue with attempting to use a companion ticket recently from my AE credit card that I was unaware of. I have used them in the past but this time I wanted to use it for a BNA-SAN flight a couple of days after Christmas. I was told that they can only be used for L, U, T, X, & V class tickets and there are only a small number of seats on a particular flight they set aside for companion ticket use. I guess due to the holidays, this wasn’t available from BNA. I could do BNA-LAX or LAX-SAN with the companion ticket but not BNA-SAN. I just wanted to let everyone else know since I was thinking the companion ticket could always be used if there are seats on a flight available but it’s not that simple. I guess I didn’t read the small print because after reading the terms, it also says this isn’t available in all markets. I have decided to use it from BNA to LAX since it expires at the end of the year and make the scenic drive down the coast. Thanks again for the drawing opportunity.

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