SWAG Saturday: 2 FREE International 24 hour Gogo passes (giveaway 3 of 3)!

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Thanks to a very kind reader (WW) I have my last giveaway today (be sure to enter to win the first and second one btw). This is a sweet prize valued at $28 each but do take note they expire at the end of this year that is 31DEC16.

This is a set of GLOBAL Delta Gogo codes (two of them) that will get you online for as many Delta flights as you fly for 24 hours.

To win I need two things to happen:

1) You must be a registered RenésPoints email subscriber (you can subscribe HERE if you are not)
2) You must comment below on this post.

That is it. You can comment as many times as you want before we pick the winner tomorrow night the 2nd of October. The only catch is you must comment something different each comment (so no bots can take part).

Have fun – René

UPDATE: No more comments we have our winners HERE




  1. Could really use a GoGo pass to surf for more Delta mileage runs inflight during a Delta mileage run

  2. Thanks. I have 8 international flights remaining this year; the passes would go to good use! thx

  3. If only these passes were transferable from Delta to KLM — or… are they?? My family has a Delta flight from the U.S. to Europe and then a KLM flight from Europe to East Asia. 24 hours of in-flight Internet would be useful.

  4. I guess the 1 entry per email doesn’t apply to this one. OK, so i’ll post twice and double my chances!

  5. Thank you for all the Delta news. I almost always learn something. Unfortunately, not always good when Skymiles are concerned.

  6. Going on a 21K mileage run at the end of the month. I’d love to be able to use these!

  7. Heading to Russia and to Germany/Netherlands before year-end. These would rock!

  8. Need this for my miles run to Ireland and back the Sunday night of the conference this month in Chicago

  9. So far have never used gogo on a flight… and with the mileage runs I have coming up it would be good to try it

  10. $28 is too much to buy one because the internet speed is so slow. But win one, I’ll take it.

  11. heading to BCN now and would love it but maybe if I win, I’ll use it for the return home trip.

  12. So what does 24 hours mean when you cross a time zone? I guess it means 24 consecutive hours regardless of zone.

  13. Hey @Brad if you’re coming back to the states from Singapore 24 hours is about right!

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