What is the CRAZIEST Delta buy-up offer you have ever got. Can you beat $300+ for C+?

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I am really hard on Delta about C+ and deservedly so. The product, if you are new to Delta, is the exact same seat as the rest of coach. Yes, you get a tiny additional amount of leg room and sometimes more pitch / recline for your seat (if you fully recline that can be another hot button topic). The worst part about Delta’s C+ is that since the seat is nothing special you can end up “upgrading” (a term I used in jest but they are serious about it) to a middle seat. Now if the seat were massively bigger than a standard coach seat I would maybe consider a middle seat but not in the current setup.

And then there is the willy nilly offers to “buy up” to C+ (and first class). If you have not spent a great deal of time on Delta.com looking at your reservation day after day you may have missed all these glorious offers. You would miss that some days the offers are just mind boggling bat crazy like mine above two segments each under 2 hours in length. I ask you, would you pay that much for a middle coach seat with a few “plus” perks? Yeah, me neither.

should you check the boxes for comfort plus upgrades

The other bit that really makes me totally bonkers is how bad the IT really is on this. As a Diamond, and the only one on this reservation, I could if I wanted to instantly upgrade to any open C+ seat free by just checking a box to get it and yet Delta is offering to sell me the upgrade for over $300. Sigh. Really? Now I have been opting out and even “downgrading” many of my flights back to exit row and have been seeing a really solid upgrade percentage on all the flights I have done this on. Is it a result of this? Who knows but I am just as happy in exit row window or aisle than just about any C+ seat on flights under 2-ish hours.

But after a few hundred words I am getting to the point of this quick post. I would love to know what your largest C+ buy-up offer (for one seat) that you have ever seen. I am talking about a domestic flight here and I don’t care how long it was but would love that data point as well. While you are at it why not tell me what the cheapest C+ buy-up offer has been.

This could get really interesting! – René


  1. As a Diamond with my husband who is diamond too we have never seen this. The one time we unchecked us out of an “upgrade” to a center Comfort+ seat, we were upgraded to first. We fly hub-to-hub 90% of the time and don’t have the issues you experience. Either we need to travel way more or the blown out of proportion issues need to stop; unless, of course, it increases our chances at an upgrade 😉

  2. Not a buy up, but booking an award to Jamaica, a comfort+ seat cost 17k sky pesos MORE than first class!0

  3. I am a DM. I have never paid for a C+ seat. Never will.
    Thankfully I have not had to suffer riding at the back of the bus.

    Every time I take a mid-flight walk to the back of a plane I cannot believe how tightly packed passengers are. To me it simply doesn’t feel safe. I worry about how coach passengers will be able to quickly deplane in an emergency.

    When a manufacturer reconfigures an existing aircraft adding more seats, the FAA allows airlines to show emergency egress times through computer modeling rather than using real people. This needs to change.

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