Delta vs Trump tax tools, Delta worker smuggles cocaine in fudge, X-Delta exec $5.25M fine, Hilton HHonors Cat Changes & Airlines hear your rant on Twitter

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Every day some travel news headlines catch my attention. Some are from Delta and some are just of travel interest, but all are ones I think you will want to see. Let’s take a look at today’s:

Were there any other bits you caught that I missed out on today? Please feel free to comment below and include a link to the story as well! – René


  1. Not paying tax is not shocking if people actually understood the tax code and used it to their advantage.

  2. What are you thoughts on the Trump/Delta tax article?

    My thoughts- Delta is a corperation. Donny Trump is an indivivdual. They are subjext to different taxes. Delta also has a fiduciary duty to shareholders to maximize profits. No issue and a silly comparison

  3. @BJ – My account once told me: “It is every tax payers responsibility to avoid paying taxes but never ever evade paying taxes”

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