Would you take an uberPOD? What about one day an uberELIO? Time for UBER Auto Cycles!

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From UBER Newsroom Sweden

The Swedish UBER news reports an interesting new test going on in Gothenburg (you may want to use Google Chrome to translate if you don’t read Swedish). They are calling it uberPOD. It is a type of Auto Cycle that is electric and has one wheel up front and two in the back. You sit tandem, that is, the two occupants ride front to back. It looks tiny. Really tiny. But for a market and relatively small and compact town like Gothenburg it could be perfect.

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Sweden, like many places in the world, has not been friendly to UBER. I have used uberX (they called it uberPOP when it was available) as well as uberBLACK and both have worked very well in Gothenburg and out to the airport GOT. I only had one driver I would not want to ride with again (he was a strong smoker – not during the ride but you could tell). The uberPOD seems to be something new that for a single rider could work, but wow is the vehicle tiny.

Elio outside

I want my ELIO – now!

Will something like this come to the US shores? If Elio Motors ever finally gets going I bet it will. I have now currently been waiting for over two years since I put down my “all-in” deposit for my Elio. I cannot wait to get it one day and it seems I could be driving it by the end of NEXT year (maybe). But that is another topic. Let’s just say they do start building them as planned.

The Elio is a much bigger Auto Cycle than the uberPOD. The Elio runs on gas and is basically a small car cut lengthwise with all the protections of a “real” car – it is just half a real car, if you will. I, and my wife, plan to use it for running around town or if I have to drive to a far out airport for a trip at 84 miles per gallon it will make such a commute to an airport farther away very cheap.

The question I have is would you take a ride in either of these, that is, any Auto Cycle that is a “car” with three wheels. Would you feel safe in either? What if, like in the uberPOD case, the price is dramatically less that the normal size UBER choices. Would in town vs highway make a difference in your choice? Please comment below and vote in my poll today! – René

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  1. I don’t care what the price of gas is, I don’t want to be driving anything flimsier than my SUV or DTS! I’d prefer a Mack or Peterbilt but my neighbors would likely petition for my removal.

  2. When I was in India they had UberGO which is something that I did not try. I used Uber Black and for a hour ride with 3.4 surge only cost me $4 USD. 😛

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