More details on the Delta / Skyteam – “Never miss a mile! SkyTeam launches frequent flyer retro-crediting”

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Photo from Delta PR

About a week ago Delta released a PR post about a “new” tool to help us when we fly any Skyteam flight to make sure we get points to the program we want. The key part is focused on the fact that there can be times we do not get credit and we can now, thanks to this tool, get retro credit correctly and quickly. In part the PR says:

“Skyteam, the global airline alliance, has introduced an online, retroactive credit tool to make it easier for frequent flyers to keep their account balances up-to-date. Already available across most of SkyTeam’s 20 members, the tool works in real-time to validate retroactive requests for eligible flights in a matter of clicks.”

This sounds on the surface just amazing. First off, yes it does happen, like in my case with my AeroMexico run that I at first did not get any credit for my flights. Really frustrating considering the fact that the point of the trip was the points!


Here is the main problem. When you try to enter most Skyteam ticket numbers on link for missing credit it works really well with a Delta “stock” or issued ticket, but really not so much with a partner issued ticket. So I reached out to Delta to tell us more about this amazing tool and how it works. I was told by a company representative:

“…this tool as it is a back office tool on member airlines sites, customers will not see any difference on the FFP [frequent flyer program] pages but will experience it from having miles quickly validated and topped up from past flights flown on other carriers.”

So while this is good news that we will get points faster from Delta is sure sounds like we are still stuck faxing, yes faxing, copies of our old boarding passes and copies of our itinerary to Delta before they can process our request with this new “back office tool”.

I will say, in my case recently, I did get full and proper points and they did post quickly. So, while the process is not as user friendly as it seems on the surface, I guess we can be happy not having to wait as long to get the points we were promised! – René



  1. I don’t mean to ask a really dumb question and, I admit, I’m embarrassed to ask it because I’m sure you have posted the answer in your essentials tab. How do we figure out how many miles a trip is supposed to earn so we can make sure we’ve been credited the correct amount? I know there are different multiples based on status but I don’t even know what those numbers are. It’d be nice if delta would cooperate with award wallet . . .

  2. As a new kid in town [Sky Miles Word], I am trying to understand and figure out the best way to take advantage of the program. I admit, is not as simple as it looks, granted, I may be missing some cell brains that could help.

    I reached Silver this year due to and thanks to my Delta SkyMiles Amex Card. I am about $2300 away to reach gold when I meet my $50K spending threshold.

    I could just hold off in using my Amex and keep 5,553 MQMs to rollover for next year
    Gain Gold by Mid November – But I don’t have trip schedule thus far. So there is not real benefit if I do hit gold.

    I am also looking forward in Upgrading my Platinum Delta Card to Delta Reserve {upgrade not applying to a new one}

    Now am I considering the right options? What should I do in order to rollover the right benefit to next year.


  3. @Vladimir – I am confused on your math. You have the Platinum card. Once you hit 50k spend you will get 10k MQMs. If you are Silver and 10k will push you to Gold you will (and you do not reach the spend level) then you will rollover all above 25k. Next, never EVER upgrade. Very bad things can and do happen:

  4. So, this doesn’t work for me. My wife and I just took a trip CVG – LON last weekend. Three of the segments are appearing, but the fourth, the Virgin flight from Heathrow to Boston does not. When I use the site you speak of, it tells me “all segments have been processed.”

    I need these miles to put me over the MQM threshold, so I’d sure like to get them posted.

    Any suggestions?

  5. @Brent – You will have to FAX your boarding pass and copy of itinerary to Delta. Reach out on or on twitter.

  6. Thanks Rene. How do you get them on now? They seem to have removed the chat link.

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