Rookie Wednesday: How to Get 500 FREE FlexPerks FlexPoints With Every Trip You Take!

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RenesPoints Rookie

Welcome to a weekly feature on the Renés Points blog. Each week this series covers in a “rookie” way either a Delta or travel related theme and attempts to break down to a basic level each topic. You can read up on all the previous posts HERE. Now on to this week’s feature.


Wednesday, October 19, 2016 – By John @laptoptravel

René has written before on the benefits of utilizing a US Bank FlexPerks credit card to earn really cheap flight tickets.  This is one of my most used strategies each year.

But there is a little known benefit to the US Bank FlexPerks card (that even René was not aware of 🙂 ).

I am writing this article after a conversation we had talking about travel, miles & points this weekend at the Chicago Seminars. US Bank does not always do a great job of informing customers about some great promotions; I typically find those through alert notifications and then trace those back to the US Bank offers/promotions.

So here is a great ONGOING deal!  FlexPerks will give you a FREE 500 FlexPoints credited directly to your account by simply sharing a photo of your FlexPoints trip! Even, better you can do it over and over again for subsequent trips.  To make that EVEN BETTER, you can win a photo contest and earn up to an ADDITIONAL 20,000 FlexPoints (which gets you another $400 or less cost) airline ticket!

FlexPerks does not make it easy to find some of their promotions, so I am including the link directly here:  US FlexPerks Promotions (just click on that link)

Once you are at that page…sign in as follows:


After that, then you will see a page of current promotions. Navigate (usually down) to find the Photo Contest link which looks like this:


Basically, take a qualified trip using FlexPoints, share a photo after your trip and get FREE FlexPoints!  That is the kind of deal you can learn to love!

When you are ready to submit a photo, you can do that following this link. It is fairly straightforward. The short version is if you took a trip using FlexPoints you are eligible. Just use common sense; no nudity or offensive submissions will be accepted. Also, there is a limit of one 500 FlexPoints entry bonus per Eligible Trip, and maximum of one 20,000 FlexPoints Contest prize per Eligible Trip. So, you cannot have taken one trip and then submit a different photo each month from the same trip; those 11 other images would be deemed ineligible.

They do have a screening process, but it is a quick process from submitting your image to having them go ‘live’ in the viewing (and voting) gallery. There are some pretty good prizes (in FlexPoints) that you can win, as shown below:


Click Image to Enlarge

Additionally, you will receive 500 FlexPerks   just for submitting your image!  So, if you are taking four – six of these trips annually (as I am) then you can participate and earn an additional 2000 – 4,000 FlexPoints…and potentially a whole lot more if your submission wins!

I really would appreciate it if you went and voted for my current Photo by clicking here (That image is from my recent Mileage Run to Aruba (in spite of, and around, Hurricane Matthew)

You can vote once per day, so visit (and vote) often! Thanks!  Did you already know about this feature? Has anyone else done this and want to share their experience? Thank you so much for reading… John @laptoptravel


PS – Don’t forget about the AMAZING 70k SkyMiles plus 10K MQMs Delta AMEX card offer ending soon!





  1. Does this mean I get 500 points for any picture I enter on any day or just the day of travel?

  2. Post your image after trip is completed, there is no actual time limit, but I would suggest posting it on the first day of the month following a trip to give you the maximum number of eligible voting dates for the image.

  3. A follow-up: We were just notified by US Bank & FlexPerks that out photo submission from Aruba depicting the thousands of starfish washed up on shore from Hurricane Matthew won for the month. We received 20,000 FlexPoints. THANK YOU to all who voted for our image!

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