Detroit to Dallas (via SLC) $203 & 4938MQMs at 4.1CPM Weekday Delta Elite Mileage Run

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Now don’t hate on me because I am not forcing you to sleep in an airport – I am just putting up the deal. There are clearly far simpler ways to pick up MQMs but this has a few things going for it. First, it is all done in about 24 hours. Next you can go in coach or sleep in First class (would be my choice). Sure, if you do it in coach and maybe get to a hotel and sleep a few hours. Either way I am only finding the cheaper price on PriceLine.

Here are the coach numbers:

Cost: $203

4,938 MQMs at 4.1 CPM via SLC 2x

Please FIRST click the PRICELINE link HERE

The coach flights are HERE

The first class flights are HERE


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