[Targeted] 5 or 10k Delta AMEX Platinum MQM bonus & the Importance of Reserve card for more Upgrades!

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Did you get this email? If not, see below!

Let’s start with something I just  hate  blogging about, that is, targeted offers because under most circumstances if you were targeted, like Bryan’s email shots from above, you got the offer and are able to register. Everyone else, like me, gets the below:


99.9% chance YOU get this too! 🙁

And you are upset and frustrated that you have spent some massively big number on Delta AMEX cards this year and yet cannot play with the bonus MQM offer. I get that, but since I have been peppered with emails and tweets I wanted to blog about it. Now something way more important that will and does affect the rest of us – Upgrade priority:


This is the current UPGRADE list!

We now have in full effect the new Delta rules for upgrade priority. For years “fare class” has been an uber trump card. Now we know Medallion Status matters more than ever before. Then we have fare class but notice number 3? Now I do not take stock in one single Flyer Talk post that shows an error in the upgrade procedure, that is, when all else is the same, even with the new +1 upgrade priority, fare class matters big time. But I also know having held the Delta Reserve card for YEARS that it makes a huge impact on my upgrades.

I have compared notes with elites in the past who did or did not get upgrades and most times those with the Reserve card are the ones in the pointy end of the jet. I can tell you I have only missed maybe 2 or 3 upgrades all year long and I expect in 2017 my upgrades will be even better. Plus, as I have posted about quite often, I am opting out of C+ upgrades most times and that seems to have a positive impact on my upgrades as well. Others are buying C+ fares and they also have seen that impact their upgrades in a positive way (I am too cheap to buy C+, sorry).

Either way the point of this quick Monday morning post is yes the current AMEX Platinum card bonus offer is amazing and if you got the card and then on top of that were targeted for bonus MQMs you are REALLY in good shape. But the bottom line is for upgrades you have the wrong card. At some point, when you are done with MQMs, you need to apply for a NEW card (never ever ever upgrade). Get the Delta AMEX Reserve card for a long term hold and more bonus MQMs from applying for that card! – René


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  1. Wasn’t targeted, but not sure if I could/would pull off another purely MS $25K spend anyway. The single point per dollar is hard to swallow despite the 10K miles/MQM’s.

  2. I was targeted – ironically, I just passed the $50k spend a couple of days ago, so am hoping that it still counts.

  3. I followed your advice and have been opting out of Comfort + sidegrades, and it has worked out better for me, too! I see a lot of people on both lists getting “upgraded” only to Comfort + at the gate, and I slip past them into First. Not sure why that’s the case, but it works.

  4. Can you please provide the link to the 5,000mqm at $50k offer? There is only the link for the 10,000mqm at $75k offer.


  5. @John – I do not have any other link and either way it is targeted and should re-direct to your targeted offer.

  6. I have been and AMEX platinum Delta card holder for years. As soon as I hit $50k in spend I switch to another card. I figured that is why they targeted me since I quit using the card three months ago.

  7. Does anyone have the email still? I’m looking for the terms and conditions of the promo. I was targeted but can’t quite seem to get AMEX to post the bonus miles for me. Wanted to see that the terms say as far as timeline for posting.

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