CLEAR Security Now in Detroit DTW – RUSH Though Security – A Total Game Changer!

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So many readers have been asking: “Will Atlanta be the first major Delta HUB to have CLEAR?” Nope, sorry, the old NWA or Northwest HUB Detroit or DTW will be the first major hub to have CLEAR and it is LIVE NOW – TODAY!


When you can CLEAR in DTW

Yep, if you have not yet experienced the “life altering” speed of CLEAR + TSA PreCheck you are just not a frequent flyer or are not using the following airports much:


Do you CLEAR yet? You should!

I love CLEAR security. It has been a very long time since I have, in a really good way, felt like I am rushing through security but CLEAR helps me do just that.


Clear keep growing!

As a Delta Diamond it is FREE. Now with the WIDE OPEN +1 add on code if you are already a member it makes CLEAR a must have to try. When will CLEAR come to ATL or MSP or other Delta hubs? My guess is very soon and you had better sign up (unless you like waiting in long security lines that is). – René




  1. Will CLEAR be located in the down stairs international connections area or only upstairs of passengers who’s travel originates in DTW?

  2. I love clear, today a fellow developer envgalist friend of mine said I don’t need clear I have precheck. We were at SEA together today and by the time she got past and met me at the skyclub she asked me to show her how to signup.

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