Have you found Delta gift cards on gift card racks in your area? Exciting development!

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Thanks to my friend Ray from the Atlanta area I have some interesting news on the gift card front. Notice something special in the middle of the rack of cards? Yep – A Delta gift card! I have never seen this before anywhere at any location and this one happened to be at a Publix (that should code as a grocery store).

This really is a big game changer for those of us who fly Delta and want a discount and the max points we can earn. For example, if we use a FlexPerks card at a grocery store it pays 2x points and since FlexPoints are worth ~2 cents each we are getting 4 cents back for buying these cards then paying for a Delta ticket. Not to die for but still a savings.


Please add Delta gift cards Home Depot! 🙂

What really excites me is the possibility of it expanding to other locations that offer much higher bonus offers. For example, IF they can start selling them at Home Depot and other locations that are part of the AMEX OFFERS TO YOU rewards then the price for buying these can drop even more.


3 GCs plus 1 CC max

A few words of caution with all kinds of Delta gift cards both real and eGifts:

  • You can only use a max of 3 per ticket (+ CC)
  • You do still earn ALL points when spending them
  • You can only spend them on ticket purchases

Even with these restrictions I am excited to see these pop up on gift card racks because while we can always buy the e-Gift cards for no extra fee on Delta.com, having a real physical card can be nice if you are the type who loses a digital code. Plus, as shown above, there are real opportunities to get them at much lower than face value.

So have you seen Delta gift cards show up yet at your local stores? – René


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  1. Switching gears just a bit… I don’t want to loose my $200 AmEx credit. Delta, of course is my chosen airline for this perk. Will I get my reimbursement if used to buy Delta gift cards?

  2. @Brian – Really! I have not seen them in my area. Very very interesting math with INK and Chase Sapphire Reserve then buying Delta tickets. Humm… 🙂

  3. @Brian,

    What part of the country is your Office Depot?

    Will check my NorCal one this morning.


  4. @Vicente – Since I have never seen them no idea. I would hope we could see a $200 one like other airlines but even $100 can work. I mean that is up to $300 total plus a CC you can use per ticket. That will cover many domestic flights for me.

  5. I’ve been seeing Delta gift cards all over Atlanta for well over a year; normally I buy them at Staples or Office Depot with my Chase Ink Bold card for 5x the points, but with the current quarterly offerings on my Chase Freedom card, I’ve been buying them at Walgreen’s. I’ll have to hit up Home Depot and see if they are there.

  6. I’m in NorCal. Checked RiteAid nope. Safeway nope.

    OfficeMax BINGO! They had $50 and $100 Delta cards on the rack way down low. Confirmed, and in more places than just Atlanta and the SouthEast.

  7. @Rene. A bit O/T. I got just over 250k in IHG points. would I be able to cash in some of those points to buy a Home Depot GC, and then use that card to buy the Delta GC? Using this idea as a very indirect way to get a Delta GC and hopefully fund a Mileage Run.

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