PSA: Don’t risk losing your Delta Diamond status selling perks on EBAY!

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Don’t be THIS Delta Diamond – EVER!

It is that time of the year for many, that is, they are at least reaching some Delta elite level and thanks to one of the rock bottom cheapest Delta mileage runs from home that may be you as well. But hopefully the above is not you, EVER!

You see Delta takes a very dim view when members in it’s program take a very generous Choice Benefit and then the member turns around and abuses this gift by selling it on EBAY or other similar sites. Take a look what can happen:


Is it worth it to sell a Delta perk?

Yep the buyer, who maybe thought they were getting a bargain, can have this purchased status revoked. Not just the buyer, but the seller that is the Diamond Medallion who offered to sell the Gold status can also have their frequent flyer account closed as well as have their status deleted by Delta. Think about maybe being a million miler and losing out on a lifetime of status for the sale of a Delta perk on Ebay.


These are GREAT perks!

After all, Global upgrades, when you can find space, are worth thousands of dollars each compared to paying for a business class ticket. After that, even 25,000 SkyMiles as a choice, is worth at least $250 and much more if you are spending them also on Level 1 business class tickets.

What do you think about all of this? Do you agree with Delta’s rule that selling an elite perk or a SkyMiles ticket could get you kicked out of the program? Or are you, like me, appreciative of what you worked hard to earn and dislike when people like “ady52282” abuse the program? Let’s get a discussion going this weekend! – René


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  1. What about selling a Million Miler gift like a Tumi bag or a Tiffany brag tag?

    Is that a violation of Delta’s program rules?

  2. @Kevin – The MM gift, once you have it, it yours and does not have anything Delta on it. As far as Delta tags, I know many sell them each year (I don’t personally) and doubt Delta would say boo about it if you are selling it as a collectable not as something other than that.

  3. Just another way to irritate DELTA so they can make more “keep climbing” changes that we all love so much. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Shame on people like that.

  4. its very provocative when you link the actual seller… almost like you’re promoting it.

  5. @Billy Bob – I am clearly NOT promoting it. I hope Delta goes after people like this and takes their DM status away (Delta CORP does read the blog each day you know)!

  6. Rene- I have most of my Regional upgrades and Global Upgrades remaining and expire on 12/31.

    Has Delta made any exemptions in the past about allowing them to be used after the expiration?

    Just curious as to what, if anything can be done to extend them.

    Thanks for your help.


  7. @Sam – The wording on the certs have not changed ie you must fly by EXP date. However, man readers has told me when they can confirm space even beyond EXP date it works. I sure would do it that way ie have them “CLOSED” while they are still valid.

  8. Renes, just found this copy on AmEx Miles Boost benefit:
    “Card Members may be permitted to have more than one Options, classic, Gold, or Platinum or Delta Reserve SkyMiles Credit Card from American Express account; however, Card Members are only eligible to receive one annual bonus for each type (i.e., Options, classic, Gold, Platinum or Reserve) of Delta SkyMiles Credit Card account from American Express.”

    – Does it work for you because you only hold the reserve?
    – I guess Business and Personal qualify as different
    – I remember reading somewhere you could get more than 1 miles boost bonus (i.e., spend on Reserve + spend on Platinum, both personal) – seems to be false according to legal 🙂

    Any comments are appreciated man! thanks

  9. Okay to sell the drink vouchers that came with my status tags?

    I’ve seen fools willing to pay $100 for platinum tags thinking that gets them something. Auction was VERY carefully worded.

  10. @uclalum – I would not do so personally. Plus, you never know if they are used anyway ie have been scanned and are now worthless. Yeah, on bag tags some sell them like you are getting something other than a collectable and that is sad for both the seller and the buyer.

  11. To add to this conversation. When Northwest merged with Delta, I had over 7.1 million miles between the two accounts. At that time my dad was stage 4 cancer. I merged my accounts, but someone with my same first name, middle initial, and same last name. This person was able to use my accounts to merge into his Delta account. When I logged in I had zero lifetime miles. I have been fighting this with Delta since 2009. I send all of my expenses from the company I worked for with the receipts going back to 1989. They still as of 02/13/2017 have not credited my account. The only thing they do is have me call in on Jan 20th and provide them with the case # and they only provide me with Platinum status. So what is the Skymiles department good for if they can’t resolve an issue like this. It does not impact their department overhead budget. All they have to do is credit my account and upgrade me to Diamond status. I have chartered their airlines, and because of the open case, they were unable to award me Diamond status. Go figure that one out.

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