I guess I should pick up pennies when I travel – (could be worth $1000)!

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This promo is kinda cute from Ally Bank and as a travel geek it got my attention. It also grabbed me because I am of the generation that “a penny saved is a waste of time“. I do not bend over to pick up a penny but then again maybe I should because I am such a point geek that I will even charge a super tiny dollar or two purchase to get a point or two on a travel card.

So here is the deal with this giveaway: In the cities you see above, from now until the end of December, Ally Bank is placing in plain view their own “pennies” that, if found and turned in, are wroth $1000 each.


There have already been a number of them turned in but in San Diego or Miami the hunt is still wide open. When I say hunt, in the T&C they don’t want this promo to turn into a scavenger hunt/Pokemon-GO event, but at the same time they are giving away hints on social media so….

Anyway, I just thought this was a fun promotion and it would be so kool if a reader found one. So stop looking UP at jets and look DOWN at pennies on the ground? Hummm… – René

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