CONFIRMED! Delta IS testing installed Comfort+ seats on CRJ200s!

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CRJ200 at South Bend Airport SBN

A few weeks ago I blogged about two Delta Comfort+ or C+ seat rumors that I considered way too preposterous to be true. One of them, allowing folks to opt out of C+ middle seats, I can never see happening due to the fact that it would be a public admission that C+ middle is not a desirable seat you want to upgrade to. Since you can now already completely opt out this is already that part way when you think about it. But that is not what this post is about.


Back of a Delta CRJ200

I reached out to Delta about the second rumor that Delta is installing C+ seats on CRJ200s. Again, a completely laughable notion when you think about it. However, I was just told by Delta CORP in part the following:

“Delta constantly tests products and services that may or may not end up going to market. You may see some Comfort+-branded seats on CRJ200s as part of this process” – Delta Air Lines representative Kate Modolo


Does this look Comfort+ to you?

I am just thoroughly shocked that this rumor is now confirmed – at least confirmed that they have actually installed C+ seats on Bombardier Canadair CRJ200 jets in service and are testing them.


Does this look comfortable to you?

There are so many reasons this is not a good idea and to just roll this out as a test on a few birds is an even worse idea than just doing it. First off, I am assuming they are not moving the C+ row or rows back at all because the space available in the rest of what is now “main cabin” seating on a CRJ200 is already painfully tight. To make it worse it is no real seat upgrade then to a CRJ200. I could be wrong on this one but would be floored if they move seats back at all.

Next, by simply testing on a few select planes you have real passenger confusion now. My assumption is it will not show up as C+ on nor on the app so you will simply, if you choose row 1 (or maybe row 2?), find C+ leather on your seat and thus you can get drinks without needing to do the most ridiculous suggestion ever offered up by Delta. Then again, since this is just a test, maybe not and the FA flying your route may not know this is how it is to work (my FA yesterday had no clue about this new test by Delta). That will not make flyers happy.

Then we have the choice of row 1 on a CRJ200. It may be the worst row and seats to sit on any Delta jet. On the A & D seat side you have so little leg room that you can end up with cramps after a 1-2 hour flight in this seat. If you choose the B or C seats you can, at times, stretch a bit into the galley area but then you are constantly moving your legs to not be in the way of the FA. There simply is NOTHING Comfort or Comfort+ about row 1 on a CRJ200 – Period.

I guess I get the reasons Delta wants this to happen. I understand it would be nice to be able to brag that all jets have 2 class service (even if it is a stretch to call them this). And I see that it would be great to remove the need for HOOUs for elites in these rows. I just don’t think this is going to work well and this test will be short lived. What do you think? Will this work? – René

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  1. I don’t know whether to cry or laugh. They surely won’t increase leg room on our already overcrowded flights and give up revenue. Row 1 is always my LAST choice ever on a 200. Since I do the 200s quite often I can pray that they actually do increase the leg room, but how about adding wifi? Will a premium snack basket be next? Thankfully my normal flight time on a 200 is under 2 hours but I still keep hoping to see 700s or 900s show up someday! #flypia

  2. You are way overthinking this – it is probably them literally testing the seats: install seats with C+ pitch towards the front of the plane, do whatever is necessary to squeeze them in (remove a row, slightly tighten pitch on the other seats, etc.) and then survey passengers in the tighter seats to see if they notice a difference.

    It probably isn’t C+ service they are testing; they know the results of that. They are testing what they would need to do to fit C+ in the cabin.

  3. How much would you invest in you home or car if you were determined to get rid of it in the very near future? If you did invest, wouldn’t you expect to keep it a while? Doesn’t look like Delta is serious in retiring this plane as first announced in winter of 2012.

  4. @Aland – They are making some progress if you look at the fleet numbers. However, there are routes, I hate to say, that I think we will see these on for MANY years to come.

  5. it should be illegal for them to have any less leg room (or width) than they already have.

  6. I fly routinely a blended CRJ200/900 Delta route. Now on the 200, take seat 8b or c, exit row, decent leg room. If you gate check a bag – most likely – no rush off the plane anyhow. COULD YOU IMAGINE on the 200, that Delta removes 1st 3 rows and put to back 2 just spaced further resulting in 8 C+ seats. Use the same seat itself, with or without new seat cover. No capital cost, only lost revenue on the missing 4 seats removed (vs. the Medallion perk or up charge on the C+ 8 seats). Seems with low/modest oil prices remaining , the 200 has a longer Delta life cycle.

  7. Wait. I thought Delta was getting rid of the CRJ-200 aircraft? Wasn’t that like the stated policy a couple of years ago?

    I really, really feel sorry for anyone who has to fly this aircraft more than than 20 minutes from Detroit to Saginaw or 40 minutes from Traverse City to Detroit. I couldn’t imagine flying this aircraft for two hours. Is that actually done?

  8. Do they provide coffee and beverages on a 2-hour flight on the CRJ? I just couldn’t imagine doing that. Thankfully, the 15-minute flight at the beginning and end of the day to/from MBS to DTW is a CRJ-700/900.

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