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Two Interesting Delta-ish Surveys Floating Around This Week. How would you vote?

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2016 TW Readers Choice Survey

Voting is over now for the USA Today Top 10 Miles & Points blogs and we should find out this Friday if RenésPoints made the list (thanks so much for all your votes btw). I would be THRILLED to land somewhere in the top 5 and honestly just honored even make the 10th spot or higher as there were all the best blogs in the blogosphere represented on that survey!

But Delta is also asking for votes. Not really from you or me but from “industry” voters from the “Travel Weekly Readers Choice Awards“. This is the one you often see Delta bragging about winning on the outside of their jets as you enter the board door. This survey they seem to care about vs the prestigious Freddie Awards that is all about the top loyalty programs and points programs each year.

Would you BUY-UP on Twitter or Facebook?

The next one that caught my eye is one @Delta is tweeting about. As you can see it is asking about, one both Twitter and Facebook, what kinds of products you would buy or buy-up via the social media platforms. I find this very interesting that selling of all things Delta – INCLUDING UPGRADES – is being considered to expand to social. I think my recent “getting upgrades” post may soon need an update sad to say. 🙁

I am always intrigued, and somewhat confused, about Delta and social media. They seem to (mostly) care less about all the blogs but are now going right at users. We shall see how that works moving forward into 2017.

What do you think about either of these surveys? Would you vote for Delta in the first and would you buy anything they are thinking of selling on Twitter or Facebook in the second one? – René


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  1. It is truly puzzling how delta and BA are the only finalists for Airline: Business/First Class. Business class and first class are two separate and very different products and services. How can they be combined into one category? Delta has no first class internationally. BA’s business class is not that great. Who prey tell were the other choices that failed to make the finals?

    Judging by the list of finalists in other categories it appears that this survey is very narrowly focused on US carriers. Still I wouldn’t vote for delta in any of those categories. Now if they had a category for most devalued miles, or most “enhanced” program …

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