MASSIVE day of Delta Schedule Change Saturday has hit – Please check your flights!

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Yikes – Time to call Delta!

This has been a HUGE weekend of changes. I had flights all over the board change and many of them will no longer work the way I had booked. Even some of my flights were flat out canceled and not running. But that ended up working in my favor for a number of flights. Before you go ” clickin’ ” on stuff please read these posts:


Well that is not going to work 🙁

Another issue for me was my flights to SXM. If you had booked the same legs as me outbound let me know and I will share new route. Still getting there same day but just a little sooner so all good!

BTW if you did not know, often times the Sunday AM Delta phone reps are some of the BEST as they are very used to dealing with stuff just like this! Have fun – René


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  1. My connection leaves 10 minutes before i arrive, and i’ve been bumped onto a CRJ200 (when i was in first, before) too!

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I just checked mine and noticed that I have a flight scheduled from MCO-BDL with a stop in ATL to and MSP from. Now it’s separated out the MSP-MCO as a separate flight but the original BDL-MSP-MCO still remains.

  3. Big win today with Saturday Schedule Change! About 2.5 hour change on regional flight. Had a 12.5k flying blue award booked. Agent agreed to change my departure airport (to one more convenient) AND was booked into Y because no low level availability was left. Worth the hour or so on the phone.

  4. Ugh. Got a dreaded one too – this one for my Vancouver – Jax flight

    Going to leave earlier by a few hours, but arriving by a few hours early as well so not a big deal. Actually worked out in our favor.

  5. Funnily, both of my upcoming trips next March were affected by this Schedule Change Mania. Well, what is kinda funny is, that one trip was not marked as being changed. That’s the trip where an equipment change occurred (a 757-200 has been replaced by a 777-200LR).
    The other trip was marked with red exclamation marks. All three single flights of it were marked and I had to hit the accept button. What had changed? Only the flight numbers. No equipment change, no timing changes. Yeah, that’s definitely more important to be aware of than a simple equipment change … where it makes sense to check the seat assignments.
    Weirdness of technology 😉

  6. Thanks for the heads up… I just rebooked a ~5000 mqm domestic flight into a ~7500 mqm flight (CLT-ATL-SEA-ATL-CLT into CLT-MSP-JFK-SEA-JFK-MSP-CLT) with only a few hours extra travel time (converted layover hours into fly time)… a huge score…

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