What were this past year’s Readers most viewed RenésPoints blog posts? Some may surprise you!

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I love to Fly Delta Jets – You?

Of the millions of page views to the blog over the past year there have been some posts that stood out above all others. It is always interesting to me just what posts end up being viewed again and again and often times it surprises me just what hits the top of the list. It also makes me consider what readers what to learn about and it does shape what I will blog about over the next year. Let’s take a look at what hit the “Top10” during the past year.


This last year’s Top 10 list

Post #1.  This post is always, year after year, a reader Google favorite. I have to give Delta credit when it comes to the Size Check units at the airport because as the post shows the posted numbers are a bit smaller than the reality of the tester. Then again, with Delta’s policy of if you can possibly drag whatever you have to the gate and they will check it free the real trick is getting your bag past any non-airline hired security goons in front of the TSA folks who could care less if you paid a bag fee or not.

Post #2.  Next up is one that still bothers me but the airlines have all got away with this one and no one really seems to care. Yep, it can often still cost you much more for one trip round trip vs two one-ways! Delta is truly great at maximizing profits even if costs you and I money for the exact same flights.

Post #3.  Not surprising this post is viewed year after year. It is so important you pick the right card for insurance when renting a car and this series of posts helps you make the right decision. I know writing the posts has helped me and helped me to understand just what is at stake.

Post #4.  Oh the CFU card. Now this is not an EZ card to get with the cursed 5/24 rule that bank has dreamed up. But thanks to this post I show how you too can get this card that really works amazingly well with the CSP card to score a ton of points for discounted travel. Bottom line I get why this post has been so very popular during the last year!

Post #5.  You know of all the posts I have put up over the past 5 years of blogging there are few that matter more to me than this one. Delta really does not get it folks but I do. There is just no reason to actively collect SkyMiles – unless you are getting them for free naturally. It is much smarter to collect points that offer better value and this post shows that clearly.

Post #6.  Who does not like vouchers. I have had an amazing year. Between my wife and I we are talking MANY thousands of dollars of what was once called “Delta Dollars”. I love having flexible travel schedules as well as the ridiculously nice option at some airports to accept AMEX gift cards vs vouchers that can only be spent on Delta flights. If you are not harvesting a large amount of either of these you are not planning for what might happen. I have lots of good advice to help you if you follow along here on the blog!

Post #7.  While I get that folks are wondering about Silver status I hope that post gets folks to consider the rest. I used to think Platinum status was “it”. It gives you so darn much that it really is the goal for most to shoot for. You get real “Delta love” at this level as well as with Skyteam. But once I hit Diamond I really got that for a little more effort this is the only way to go. This post is the first step for readers to get what is important if you fly Delta a bunch each year!

Post #8.  Since our beloved airline makes it so confusing to understand when the year ends – that is, how long does your status last as well as when earnings ends is it calendar year or is it medallion year that is not the same as the previous? You can see why this post is so well received as it answers the confusion Delta creates. Plus, knowing these facts really matters if status matters to you!

Post #9.  Ah bag fees. They have made the airline fat and happy and most folks (not us) dread showing up at the airport with a bag to check. Clearly when you look at posts like the most viewed post of the year (#1) there are ways around these fees. Oh and clearly this simplest fix to bag issues as well as so many others is holding a Delta AMEX card to make them all go away (it really is not that hard when you think about it).

Post #10.  Depending on where in the world you are this post may help you much more that #3 on this list of most viewed posts per year. While not the cheapest option I have used this as for the small fee the piece of mind can be well worth it – but not always and that make this post a perfect one to round out the top 10 for the past year.

So did any of these results surprise you? My only disappointment when looking at the top 25 or so was that positive “enhancements” from the mothership tended to be way down the list. Now I know what you are thinking that there have been few of those but the ones they have rolled out this year have been good and I hope the trend continues into 2017. – René


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