UBERs latest APP update is just silly & LYFT still does not get it!

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Have you seen what UBER has done with the latest update? For the life of me I just don’t understand why the minds behind something as brilliant as UBER can be so dumb. As an UBER user when my ride is done, when the driver does a good job, I rate them 5 as quick as I can and maybe say a one word comment like GREAT and move on with my life. I sure don’t want to take the time to click more “feel good” icons – do you? Then we have:

OK then! If I were an UBER driver you know what I would want to make my life better and show that I was appreciated?


I will feel better with a TIP please UBER!

Yep – more cash! Why not do like the LYFT APP has right from the beginning – that is, the ability to give a tip digitally to the driver. After all the whole point of these kinds of APPs is that you AVOID the need to have cash handy for tips. Instead – we have feel good icons to rate our drivers now.


This, to me, feels like the boss calling you in to his/her office and telling you that they have great news for you. I cannot give you a raise but I am going to give you something better – A TITLE!

uber and lyft ride share apps

UBER lives on my home screen!

Then, since I am an equal opportunity griper when it comes to these two ride sharing companies, their is one dumb thing that LYFT one day needs to fix as well. I have the UBER APP on my home screen on my phone but the LYFT APP is many pages farther away. Why? Mostly for one simple reason:

Expiration date of credits.

You see when you or I get just about any kind of UBER credits we normally have about 90 days to spend them. They are “lumped” into one credit per ride and no matter how much the ride we spend all the credit. So if I have a long ride I tend to pick an UBERx or a short ride an UBERblack to use it all up in the one ride. I like this. Contrast that with LYFT credits that tend to be something like:

“You have $1 off your next 63 rides and your credits expire Tuesday at noon”

Now I may be exaggerating by just a tiny little bit here – but not by much. This is why I tend to pick UBER vs LYFT 9 times out of 10 when I need a ride somewhere. Well that and the SPG & AMEX Membership rewards points tie in as well. 😉

What do you think of the latest UBER update? Do you like the new “feel good” update to rating drivers in the APP? – René


  1. They just dailed back a pretty good Uber app back by about 10 years. Also, at this day and age its all about transparency and they decided to not show you surge pricing and spin it as a customer friendly move. Makes you wonder the kind of people running the company.

  2. Whenever possible, I tip cash to service employees because that lets them decide whether to pay income tax at their marginal rates + the 15% FICA tax paid by independent contractors.

  3. Yes the feel good icon are stupid, those uber expect for driver to perform better because uber gives the rider the option to give you a silly icon? About giving the riders the option to tip… i dont fet it , what’s the lost for uber to have the tipping option? Just put the option on the app already

  4. With that update and the most recent one that wants location Always On I have deleted the app and have been taking the bus and Metro to and from the airport. It’s way cheaper and for sure there is no need to tip. But I’m not doing this to save money, im simply no longer willing to put up with Uber’s terms.

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