The sad truth is I cannot see a way to get this CIP card I want. Ideas anyone?

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I really have the perfect portfolio right now and am loving it. I love my CSR card, but had it not been for being pre-approved I would not have it in my wallet right now nor have the chance to spend all my UR points at 1.5 cents each booking hotel/dive vacations.

Code for this post:
CSR = Chase Sapphire Reserve
CI+ = Chase Ink Plus
CI$ = Chase Ink Cash
CFU = Chase Freedom Unlimited
CS = Chase Sapphire
CIP = Chase Ink Preferred
UR = Ultimate Rewards

I got in on my CI+ years ago and am set there and even downgraded a second card to a CI$ card so between those two I have 75k a year I can earn 5x to send over to my CSR. That works.

Also I was successful in downgrading my CS to CFU and am happy to have this as a “go to” card that earns 1.5% that I can also send over to my CSR to net out 2.25% in the end. That is just simple travel math to me. 🙂

So I guess I really should not gripe but I would like to have the 80,000 bonus points the CIP is offering because, well, it would be worth another $1200 once sent over to my CSR card. But I just don’t see a path to get it. The Points Guy is reporting you cannot downgrade or upgrade to it from another card nor would I really want to anyway as I love what I hold.

I did reach out to my local Chase banker and checked and I was NOT pre-approved for the CIP card so no joy there. I asked him about his experience as a PVT banking person about fighting to get me approved if I went in to the bank to get the card and was told unlikely on a business card vs a personal card. I am not sure but also not sure if I want to take that fight on with Chase.

I guess this is a gripe post more than anything and a reach out to readers to see if they have any brilliant ideas or if you have been approved for the CIP despite 5/24.

Lastly, if you are new to the game and have NOT had 5 new cards of any flavor over the past two years, consider getting both personal and business for as many in the list above as you can before you move on to other cards and then consider holding the ones you want long term! – René.



  1. I have the CSR, CI+, CI$ and CIP. My wife has the CFU, CS, CI+ and CI$. My CSR and CIP were approved with my record showing 13/24. My wife’s CI+ was approved with her record showing 15/24. We are both private clients. Our banker told us there was no pre-approval and it would not help. We applied, status went to pending, we called and told the underwriter, we have money in the bank, look at our spending history with Chase and they approved the cards on the spot. We don’t have any MF. Organic Spend over $500,000 with Chase cards per year.

  2. @Raj. Interesting. My irganic spend with Chase is also over $500K per year and I got declined for CSR. I didnt bring that up, maybe I should have.

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