Things I am looking forward to and afraid of in Delta land over the next few months.

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OK not looking forward to more of THIS! 😉

When I look at the coming two months there is a long list of bits that have me excited. I am looking forward to the 10th of December as that is the day the nights finally turn from getting darker each day to staying light longer (yes, I know all in it is the 22nd that matters but I care about evenings)! Next, when it comes to Delta, I am concerned as it is the time of the year for them to mess with the Medallion program or make big changes if they are going to do them at all.

Like longer days, let’s look at the good things I am looking forward to and take the “possible” bad things next.

Pre-order 1st class food. I broke the news way back in the spring that Delta is “soon” going to allow those in 1st class to pre-order from the two stock meals being offered on the flight (in addition to what is already in place to order low-salt etc. Meals). I have bugged my Delta food rep for updates and have been told I will be informed as soon as they have more news. Either way it will be a great change and I am excited about it.

I am very much looking forward to so many readers joining me at Maho Beach (please join us) to geek out over one of the most amazing plane spotting locations on the planet. My GoPro will get a real workout and I will be starting the first few weeks of 2017 earning ~13,000MQMs. Oh that, and working on breaking my record of being MQD exempt I hit last year (it took 10 days fyi).

Also it is always interesting to see just what day in January 2017 that rollover happens. Delta tells us by month end but it has been as soon as first week of the year. Last year it started on the 12th and kinda “rolled” for folks over a number of days rather than everyone at once like in the past years. I bet we see it happen by the 10th this time (but just a guess).

Lastly, on the positive front, I am looking forward to the rumor that now seems like it really is fact – that is, soon the ability to “opt-out” of middle seat C+ “upgrades”. Most of us would rather take the next flight than endure a middle seat and I am one of those. The reliable “Widgets” a.k.a. a reported Delta employee on FT has posted the most firm statement on this change on the way that I have seen so far as my Delta PR folks are not willing to share anything about this coming enhancement. I have to say I would start opting-in again for C+ upgrades if this change were put in place (maybe).

OK now let’s look at the bad and what I am in fear of. Any day now we can expect Delta to once again offer MQMs for sale at utter “bat crazy” prices. My guess is they will be even higher than last year as people are buying no matter what the price it seems. To me, simply follow here inside the blog and enjoy a “fun run” and earn a ton of points. Who knows, you may even take a bump and get paid for earning your MQMs (that is always fun).

Next up we have possible negative changes on the way. I have no idea what they are but I can tell you two things for sure. Major program changes tend to hit either in December or early in the year. The thing is this: after 00.01 on 1JAN17 every flight is earning MQMs for the 2018 Medallion year. So, changes have to (well should be) announced before that day that could impact your earnings. That is, unless they wait till early in the year and make the changes to impact the 2019 Medallion year. I doubt the latter as Delta tends to not give us that much notice when it comes to sweeping changes.

So you tell me. What you are hoping for during the 2017 Medallion year and what negative changes do you think Delta may make that will make us crazy once again? – René


  1. I become a million miller next week and I wanted that bad before the end of the year. Too afraid they would change it up just before I got it.

  2. Hoping they will offer a Platinum choice benefit of two GUC instead of the four regional, which are useless for me.

  3. Hoping they remove the the AMEX spend waiver for Diamond MQD threshold. Cap top status for those who don’t meet MQDs at Plat.

  4. I’m looking forward to anything delta doesn’t do. Anything it does will have a net positive effect for delta; ergo net negative effect for customers.

    Those like Bill who hope the benefits of others are taken away don’t get it. The money is with those “high value” customers not the peons. To make more money, which is delta’s only goal, it will also gouge the “high value” folks. Of course most of them don’t spend their own money so they don’t care.

  5. Rene,
    Two things come to mind.
    1. Will Delta every bring back the ‘Day Pass’ for the club or allow you to purchase access without being at the club for others? I liked being to take a companion with me when the ‘Day Pass’ was available, it was cost effective when you have multiple layovers. I like to purchase lounge access for my father when he flies but Delta only allows you to do it in person, I was able to purchase Admiral club access for my father from acorss the country and they only needed his ff#.

    2. What are the chances of Delta replacing the HOOUs with a benefit that is usable? As a PM I am almost guaranteed to be side graded to C+ so the voucher doesn’t provide any real benefit.

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