Delta BUY MQMs, MQDs & MQSs for 2017 LIVE – Again “Bat Crazy” prices (depending on who you are)!

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Are you buying at crazy high prices?

As expected Delta is offering you the chance to buy up to a higher elite status but at just ridiculous prices as they have in previous years – that is, 2015, and in 2014, and in 2013, and in 2012!

There is a twist this year as in addition to the MQMs and MQD credit for the spend you also get MQS credit and that is something many have complained about in years past.

Depending on your status you will pay more. Here are the reader reported levels since I am blocked from buying as a Diamond:

1000/3 MQMs/MQSs for $495
2500/6 MQMs/MQSs for $795
5000/9 MQMs/MQSs for $995
7500/12 MQMs/MQSs for $1195
10000/15 MQMs/MQSs for $1395

1000/3 MQMs/MQSs for $695
2500/6 MQMs/MQSs for $995
5000/9 MQMs/MQSs for $1295
7500/12 MQMs/MQSs for $1595
10000/15 MQMs/MQSs for $1895

1000/3 MQMs/MQSs for $1595
2500/6 MQMs/MQSs for $2195
5000/9 MQMs/MQSs for $2495
7500/12 MQMs/MQSs for $2795
10000/15 MQMs/MQSs for $2995

Having posted the above, some are reporting prices slightly above or below these totals. Either way it is just flat out shameful for Delta to sell the same product for different prices to different people. But it is their program and they can do whatever they want.

But these prices do show how sad it is to donate this kind of money to Delta when you can, via card spend, be MQD exempt and via a mileage run or two get all the MQMs or MQSs you need. Also keep in mind the Platinum Delta cards above, if you have NEVER had them, each offer 5000 bonus MQMs after minimum spend and the Reserve cards 10,000 MQMs with your first dollar spent on the cards. A much better value IMO.


Also note this year you have all the way until 15FEB17 to get this done and that is AFTER 1FEB17 when the new medallion year begins. Interesting!

So are you buying at these bat crazy high prices? – René




  1. With the MQMs carrying over my problem is spend, keeps me at Silver with nearly 25K in miles to start the year, so buying miles won’t help me get to the next level….

  2. Just curious – I already have the personal and business versions of the Amex platinum skymiles cards. Can I get the reserve as well, or do I have to upgrade one of my current cards? Thanks!

  3. Hello Rene,

    My wife is $55 MQD short of silver (I’m plat) and both flying and getting her a CC are not options we can/want to pursue. Any other helpful suggestions?

    Thank you as always

  4. @Matt – NEVER EVER upgrade. Very bad things can happen. You can hold a total MAX of 4 AMEX credit cards at ones so as long as you are under that yes you can get either the personal or business Reserve card and get bonus if you have never had it before.

  5. Good news for Medallion Members who for whatever reason don’t generate the MQMs (or MQDs/MQSs) they had hoped to by 11:59 pm on December 31st. They can buy the much-needed miles, spend dollars, or segments. And just as importantly, they get six additional weeks to make the purchase. But 10K MQMs for $2995. OUCH!
    You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make’um get the Am Ex Delta Reserve Card. And you can’t make him fly on any of the countless Elite Mileage Runs that René has posted over the past eleven months.

  6. I think you mean “reserve card” not “reverse card” (2nd to last paragraph) though a reverse card might be interesting!

  7. Here’s my offer coming from a General Member:

    1000/3 MQMs/MQSs for $195
    2500/6 MQMs/MQSs for $495
    5000/9 MQMs/MQSs for $695
    7500/12 MQMs/MQSs for $895
    10000/15 MQMs/MQSs for $1095

  8. I moved to DTW area in 2005 and have been platinum and mostly diamond ever since for 11 years running.

    I’m completely insulted by these prices for trying to get up to the Next category.

    There is no way these prices are worth the step up, even for diamond. I barely get upgraded anymore.

    Are these delta execs spending too much time in Colorado? (where I went to school – go Buffs!)

  9. I am Gold but I see the Silver prices on the website after logging in.

    I am considering doing this to get to plat, since I will be short mostly on MQDs and I have no time for mileage runs. I fly DEN – LGA – DEN every other weekend and am busy with work the rest of the time. .

    I will need about 1850 MQDs with the flights I have booked until 12/31. I would actually be happy if they would charge me the Gold rates (I assume one gets 1895 MQDs for $1895). Then I would not need to do another run for $500 MQDs this year when only getting 1395 MQDs with the Silver package.

  10. @Carsten – All I can tell you is it took me 10 days to meet my 25k spend on my Reserve card. You can simply over pay your taxes for example for WAY less cost than buying MQMs and MQDs.

  11. Almost $800 to go from Silver to Gold (missed by 1500 MQMs). That’s too steep! I would have booked a weekend getaway at the end of December to make up that difference if I had realized I was that close.

  12. I booked a mileage run to phoenix from MSP for under $300 with a overnight and was wondering if I was totally stupid –and then saw this chart and realized I was not stupid at all –the last thing I need in my life is a pointless trip but this was the right call and it will enable me to keep my platinum,

  13. Delta sent me an offer of 1,000mqm + 3 MWS+ $795 MQD for $795. “this bundle is recommended based on your MQMs, MQS and MQDs as of Dec. 1, 2017”

    Instead, I booked basic economy fare from SLC to LAX, for $110, back and forth the same day, even got Economy Comfort seat on the aisle on the way back. I was 917 MQMs short of Platinum for 2018.

    This did the trick. Also the right call.

  14. My MQDs was reached to silver. But I don’t have enough mqss or mqms. On 30th dec I will be completing 18 mqss.
    Suggest me what should I do to get silver status?
    I already have platinum Amex cards for business and personal

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