Delta dumps support for Windows Mobile for Fly Delta APP!

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Well if you are using a Windows phone, and have not tried to fire up the Fly Delta App for a while I have some bad news for you – you can’t anymore! According to when you fire up the app you will see:

“We’re sorry for the inconvenience as this app is no longer supported. You can always visit from your mobile phone to book a flight, check in and view flight status.”

Ouch! Now I can hear the iPhone folks screaming just get an iOS product since that is the one Delta clearly loves.


From Way Back Machine (dot org)

But keep in mind there is a long history with Delta supporting Windows OS products (see the way back machine) and we, as Delta flyers, should know that Delta has really bragged up the fact that pilots are using Windows based tablets in the cockpit.

I am not saying that is a better choice over say an iOS or Android tablet, just that when it comes to Seattle Microsoft does matter just a little bit to Delta and I am not sure if giving up on the ability to use the very useful Fly Delta App for Windows is a smart move.

For me I am thrilled with Android and the Delta version of the Fly Delta App. With the latest updates there is a ton more functionality and many less errors and crashes than before.

So you tell me. What do you think of this move? Does it impact you as a Windows mobile user? Do you think it could have any impact with the Delta – Microsoft relationship? – René


  1. I actually noticed this about a month ago. I had Windows Phone and recently switched to Android. I used the Delta app on a trip in October and within a week of getting I noticed that the app was gone. Hilton also recently dropped support for the platform, so I don’t think it’s just Delta.

    As far as the actual app goes, the Windows Phone version was severely lacking. Not even close to the functionality that the Android counterpart has. It was very basic.

  2. I was very disappointed when I saw this the other day. I used the app weekly. Seriously hoping that they are just working on a newer universal app.

  3. Keep in mind that Delta also issued all flight attendants with Windows-powered phones. I’ve had a Windows phone since 2012 — I’m on my third or fourth device — and a Delta application has always been available.

  4. I hate Delta but on this one you have to blame Microsoft. Windows Mobile is a disaster and with IOS and Android dominating this environment if you stick with Windows Mobile you probably like to suffer.

  5. I love my windows phone but market forces are about to drive me away. HHonors dropped the windows app as well, and AA killed theirs a while back. This is another indicator to me that Windows is not pursuing this category and making it attractive for companies to keep these apps.

  6. This is really upsetting. I travel internationally and nationally and I only choose delta because of the windows apps and like most businesses am a full windows pc, tablet and now even phone shop. Can we complain to have it brought back?

  7. Hi. I just logged on today (Dec 3) to retrieve some flight info and learned of this. I am SO annoyed at Delta! I am platinum on delta and find this move by Delta insulting and frankly, bad business. I am NEVER going to buy apple; have never and never will.. I am ardently anti-Apple (and even convinced my IT folks to also make windows phones available to our >1000 employees). I also will not switch to android and also recently upgraded my personal phone to windows as well. DELTA: I AM SO DISAPPOINTED IN THIS MOVE> TELL YOUR IT GUYS TO NOT BE SO LAZY AND MAKE THE INVESTMENT.

  8. I hear you, my friends, but here are the facts on Windows Mobile market share: Global = 0.4%, North America = 1.75%. The cost to serve such a small share clearly outweighs the benefits.

  9. It sucks. I was in Denver on Thursday and used the app to find the skyclub. When I got to the gate the app didn’t work.

  10. I am also a disappointed/suffering Windows Phone user. Am diamond on Delta for what that is worth. The Delta app was a little buggy, but I liked it. I will probably switch to Apple or Android at some point, but not in a rush to do it.

  11. Dear “disappointed/suffering windows phone user” 🙂 Don’t give in! Id never buy apple and am not motivated enough by the “lacks of windows apps” to switch to android. (honestly, when you think about it most of those apps are useless/redundant anyway) I’ll be content in accessing via the web – but not at all happy with that! In any smart phone, that’s still easy and the app doesn’t make life all THAT easier :).

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